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:Professional Stuff:

Artwork Rates are as follows-

Each art commission is price individually. Paintings start at $100.00 and go up depending on size. Drawings $90.00 & go up depending on size. Special projects like multi piece tattoo concepts and paintings include special agreements and discussions- email me for further discussion of this.

In light of people asking for me to "draw them something" I have begun to charge. Art isn't free. Paintings, drawings, tattoo ideas... There is the unseen cost of research, time spent working, and cost of art supplies and I do so hate being taken advantage of. Please keep this in consideration when contacting me for a piece of artwork.

Photography Rates are as follows-

All session cancellations must occur within 24 hours prior to our scheduled shoot. 

On Location cost/hour covers all photo editing.
There is a 2 hour minimum for all On Location Sessions.

My Hourly rates range from $85.00 to $150.00 per hour. Please contact me for further discussion of rates. There are discounts if you book longer then a 4 hour session.                     
Travel Surcharge: $35.00/ 30 minutes
Cost of traveling more than 30 minutes to location via Google Maps from MLP Photography home office.

CD Copy of Images: $25.00 per disc (w/ a signed reproduction release to have prints made)
** Dropbox: No Charge

** Dropbox is a free online app for file sharing available for both PC & Smartphones. Folder will be available for exactly 1 month for clients to copy and paste photos from. I will contact the client one week prior to deletion of the folder as a courtesy.
Payment: At this time I am only taking payments in the forms of Cash or Check. Half payment due within one week of booking our session, the rest at the end of our session. Thank you.

Prints Available- Please contact me for information

Contact me via e-mail at- MLPremer@gmail.com
(serious inquiries only)
Location- Marne, MI on the sunset side of our great mitten shaped state

Little Bit About Me-
I am a 30 something photographer, multi-media artist with a unique view into daily life with my various animals (Guinea pigs, cats, and a winter season rescued pigeon we’ve named Chicken), my loving husband, and various friends of all walks of life. My “pays the bills” employment in a retail setting gives me insight to people and lends interest to my people watching skills. This blog is my way of “journaling” about anything and everything related to life battling anxiety, my photography and related experiments, my artwork and it’s calamities.
In the spirit of complete honesty- here’s a couple disclaimers… Most often (barring talk of politics and celebrities)- people are given my variation of a nickname to keep a little sexy suspense involved. I am using this blog as a way to give an inside look to my life, my thought processes, my battles with anxiety flare ups, my photography and artistic methods. Occasionally I will swear- often times I try to “censor” it, but a few errant F Bombs will slip thru. If this offends you, maybe you shouldn’t be reading this after all. I’m not saying this as a warning- I’m simply stating I am human with human emotions that are occasionally opinionated and curse word accentuated.

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