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Summer Nostalgia

It's odd right? To miss something just because it's 2/3's over, but not over yet? When I worked at the manure store or that one ill fated year at the gas station summer was nothing. It didn't matter, other then it was more irritating then the other seasons. There was one small half week that I got to do what I wanted, but then it was back to watching all these super tanned people come and go off on their adventures. Hating teenagers that would come in and make messes and generally have a pissy attitude towards adults. I remember being super embarrassed when I wore shorts and my radioactive white legs glowed like a beacon. I actually hated summer because I never had time to do anything fun. Last summer was fun, busy but fun. This summer seems to be different. I'm still crazy busy, but I'm taking it at my own pace.

I get to enjoy things more. I have tan lines from my flip flops on my feet and on my legs from wearing shorts and short skirts. I'm going to miss…