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Glow Baby, Glow...

This was a concept I was brought in on as Model Coordinator, Photographer, and Artist- I was just kinda waving my talents all over the damn place!
I shot this alongside Bossman at the studio and we've since decided that this will be a class he and I will be co-instructing in the very near future this summer at our studio Workshoots. Adding another thing onto my long term, but need to do it now TO DO list :)

New Music Addictions...

Okay- so I might actually be dipping my toes into the waters of liking EDM music (if any of this qualifies as EDM) simply by accident. My Lindsey Stirling Pandora station started playing some of these songs on the channel and I was captured by the haunting tone of Laura Brehm's voice... Like Enya (yes, I listen to Enya- this shouldn't shock anyone) with an electronic back beat and lots of bass...
TheFatRat- Monody
TheFatRat- Mayday
TheFatRat- The Calling
Gioli- Echo of the Woods
Currently I have spent way to much money on iTunes snatching up almost every album/song both FatRat, Laura Brehm, and Gioli have put out there to date. And all are pretty much set on repeat on my iPod. It's become my art music, editing music, shooting music... I can't get enough of it.
(Pauses to open iTunes to play Monody for the 50th time today)
For the following three videos- I stumbled upon this group while running thru Instagram one late evening. I was watching flow artists dance with flaming …