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This past weekend I spent almost three whole days at SD Parents house. They came down Friday and we loaded up lots of junk from my garage to take to their township cleaning day. You didn't have to pay to dump garbage off there, at my township- you did. Sorted that out easily. Hubby came out after his shift late Friday night and we just spent a great weekend up there helping make a new garden, putting up insulating stud wall sin the basement, running errands, and a few nice long beach walks.

 Well, beach walks with my camera tend to turn into, hey lets try this moments. And I honestly shot some seriously amazing images over the course of three days. While I was editing them yesterday I started noting how all the colors popped out and melted together like in my watercolour pieces of art.

While the nip in the air was still too strong to wander about shoe less, it was still nice to suck in the fresh air and let the sunlight melt away stress I've been under as of late.