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Microcosms, Doodles, Lola, and Life...

Microcosms... I was scrolling through FB this morning after Hubby left for work around 4:45 this morning. I hadn't hardly slept last night for whatever reason and someone I am friends with on there is attending university at Stanford. He took small little images of his room, his surroundings, and how each one tell their own story about the person they belong to.
I dozed off for an hour and then got up hearing the rumbles of thunder and rain splattering against the south facing windows. As I wandered around the house, waiting for water to boil to pour into my french press coffee maker, I looked at all the small little fragments of who we are all around the house.
My drafting table... Colorful, in the center of the house, looks out our big south facing windows.
My office... Cluttered, full of stuff, yet still somehow organized enough to do business. Dayplanner, tablet, laptop, iPod, phone, binder full of studio notes & scribbles of non member rentals and releases to draft... An…

Finally Meeting a Real Unicorn!!! Kinda

Hubby and I had a rare day together. Before venturing to the museum- or delaying the inevitable, he and I went out to lunch at one of the local breweries- Founders. The meal was excellent!  Our waitress, however was a brunette, tanned, sloppy ponytail wearing, pissy hipster bitch that could care less about actual service (she came to our table twice during our whole meal, Hubby having to get his own water as she was nowhere to be found), the reason I only tipped her a more then generous $2, and the fact we had a couple literally sit down and take our table before I had even picked up my purse- "Oh, no rush... No rush, take your time..." the lady said as she damn near sat on my purse. Mind you, Hubby hadn't even finished his beer yet and I had just paid our bill 2 nanoseconds earlier. "We don't mean to push, but we need a table," the guy says as he about pulls my hubby out of his chair to sit down.. "Well, you're f**king rude..." was all I could …