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Model Flakes- Should be a Cereal Name

So, given a couple situations- especially the group shoot I was model coordinating for yesterday- models. I have a huge problem right now with models. As I am typing this- I find out from a friend a fashion show shoot he was to attend today- out of 8 booked models, one could attend. I booked 6 for my group shoot yesterday. In the 24 hour period before the shoot was to happen- 3 models flaked. And I’m going to say flaked, because that’s the nicest thing I can say at this point. Excluding, of course, one model that canceled early in the week due to a scheduling conflict with her husband- the three yesterday gave me these exact reasons for flaking- “I think I have the sniffles.” And “Totally forgot I have, like, family stuff…”
Reason number 1- bring tissues, you’ve confirmed to be a model. Reason number 2- keep a damn calendar!
I’m going to instill rules now. You flake once, we’re done. No future work contact, no “keeping you in mind”… One and done. I’m over it. If you cannot be a respo…