Taking Stock- Part 2

I am finally catching up on my photo editing- it's been a struggle as I keep shooting and shooting and life keeps getting in the way of the whole editing thing.... But as I've been editing- usually in daily spurts of 12+ hours at a shot- I've been coming to the realization that this summer in particular- I have done some of my best work to date.

Classes that no one attended I kept as my own personal shoot- sticking with the class theme to add more image to those presentations. Organized shoots with SC when he was in town back in July that idea after idea all feel into place virtually seamlessly...

I don't know why I'm stuck in this notion that my work has suddenly vastly improved over the last couple months- but it has. I've been studying new techniques, perfecting ones I already know well, I've broken free of my comfort zones on more then one occasion and the results are amazing. 

But enough of my blah, blah, blah... I still have more editing to do and one shoot alone will be an amazing blog in and of itself- how natural light shooting, one light only shooting, and the simplest of setups have proven to be devastatingly beautiful in my perspective.







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