It's Been a Month Since I Posted...

Clearly- I'm less then stellar at keeping up with this blog in the last month+. In my defense, I have been so busy, and so up and down stressed and so creative... Yeah, I got nothing. I've been forcing myself to get up at 5am the last three days just to start getting ahead of the huge amount of photo editing I have compiled in the last month.

Honestly as I sit here at the computer, I am waiting for my nails to dry. And I think I have completely reverted to the mentality of an 8 year old when it comes to painting my nails, rather then gluing them on, my fingers look a wreck. I'm going to blame it on the brain and way to much coffee (goes to refill mug from french press sitting on the desk next to her... starts to pout when only drips and dribble fall from the spout, damn.)

To review since the last blog post. The SD inlaws have moved into the camper in the front yard and have been living in there since about 4th of July weekend. Through brain melting heat (AC doesn't work in there), chilly ass turn the heater on nights (welcome to Michigan), to gully washer rain storms (oops, there went the awning), and one crazy ass 92 mph winds thunderstorm that made us all get religion in a hurry. This week- we start the process of moving them into their new house in North Muskegon. A charming house with 34 acres of woods, a pole barn, 3 bedrooms, an unending supply of turkey feathers for me to paint (picture of that in a bit), oh- and it's a mile from Lake Michigan.

As if moving the inlaws back into Michigan- into my home. We rescued a puppy named Lola for a most horrid living situation. Sweet little Lola was the supposed summer entertainment for 8 children under 11 years old in a double wide trailer. She was given 1/4 cup of food in the morning, then crated for 10 hours, beaten for making messes... She was only 3 months old when we snatched her away from the threat of "Im'ma tie her out in the parking lot if someone doesn't come get her..." My mom, Seester-inlaw, and I drove through the rain to grab this sweet little dog to find her almost starved and scared out of her mind.
The day we got her on the left. A week later on the right.
Lola and Gidget- the new odd couple.

Completely spontaneous- and completely perfect snapshot I took with my phone while on a walk with Lola.

Helping Grandpa do yard cleanup. 
Every night while out at the picnic table- this is how she tells me it's bed time. She crawls up in my lap and falls asleep. 
Her idea of helping with laundry.
Post breakfast nap. 
Sorry mom, was this your spot?? 
We play and play and play... then we come get cuddles from mom. 
Her new favorite spot when I'm working in my office.

Since we rescued her, she has tripled in size, has stopped eating her own poo, gained healthy weight, and has become a member of the household. She plays with Gidget, mom and dads dog, goes for walks along the alfalfa field, chases butterflies, and eats about two dozen glow bugs every evening. Thus far she isn't afraid of fireworks or thunderstorms and loves sleeping bed with us. She also gives hugs and loves her tummy rubbed. Father-inlaw says its like watching pure joy when she's out playing- like seeing someone realizing how perfect and happy life can be after trauma. She's like a little spokes-puppy for those of us that have been through mental/physical trauma and it's amazingly healing. Lola has filled our hearts with love where the void was left by Sienna when we put her to sleep last August. And since I have never had a puppy- not even during childhood- I have no learned to carefully use the phrase- "What do you have in your mouth?" and I have come to realize the power in that statement is usually as powerful as the stench of creepy dead thing she has found and is chewing on.

SC came to visit the last week of July. And in the midst of house repairs brought on by the hellish storm we had on July 7th, I managed a wonderful mini vacation with him doing what I love- photography. Chaotic life and weekly fights with the insurance company to get repairs started to our property didn't leave a lot of room for photography- but I shot like a maniac while SC was here and had a blast doing it. Sadly I am just now getting to editing those images, but I will post them here as soon as I get them done. I do have a couple teasers though :)

Our first planned day of model photography fell through quickly and being ever so brilliant he and I ventured to our favorite place to photograph bugs, frogs, and nature- Meijer Gardens. This is also where between Hubby's insistence and SC's I put myself to task by only using my big lens- the 75 to 300mm critter I bought a couple years ago.


After SC left for SWMCCC, which he attended and for the first time in three years I was neither working or attending it myself- I hit a bit of a low. Like drank too much vodka- cried a lot- swore off social media for an entire weekend, low. I was mad and hurt all over again by not being there. Not tracking models or hanging out with people that understood me. As stressful, crazy, and sleep depriving that weekend has been in the past- I was missing it wicked badly. So I pretty  much swore off the social media platforms, set up shop at the table outside under the umbrella, Lola playing and napping the days away, Hubby as work for three days straight, and inlaws on a three day trip to the Upper Pennisula- I made art. Lots, and lots, and lots of art. I really wanted nothing to do with my photography at the point, in spite of how great images were that I captured while shooting alongside SC- I just needed my music, sunshine, and clearing my head while I worked on colorful creations. I cried a lot and wrote in my journal a lot. Stuff I will never type up for here or let other people read- there was comfort in writing what was in my heart and in my head, knowing I was going to be the only person ever reading those words. It felt cathartic. I needed that. It was really personal stuff, things I was feeling, thoughts I was having, insecurities... Writing them down got them out of my head. Made those "bad" thoughts go away. I may actually make that a habit now- the journal part.

I have started teaching at the studio now- this week holds both our first group shoot in the new studio (my first as Model Coordinator for the studio) and my second class. I've settled into my most responsibilities granted management position with the studio, also something that happened in the last month (actually right before SC got here).

Week before last I tried my first class attempt. No one showed up but the models, which was fine- we played around with everything I was going to teach anyways- Like my homemade pixel stick and my sammich bag hack... Hence all the funny colored pictures you're about to see.


Then there's these fresh off the editor this morning shots from my 8 hour shootfest with Ash right after the storms hit on the 7th of July.


Then there's me. I have completely detoxed from life in retail by settling into the busy schedules of my inlaws, my studio, Lola, and my artistic inclinations. I have lost probably close to 25 pounds since I quit the gas station- lack of junk food, huge amounts of construction work on the buildings damaged in July, and walking at least 1.5 miles three times a week with Mouse probably doesn't hurt. I am the tannest I have been in five years (I have tan lines on my thighs as proof I have been wearing shorts & tanlines on my feet from flipflops), have more freckles then I can count, and have seemingly found a ombre palette of unicorn that suits me.

Hell, I finally found enough confidence in what I look like to sit in front of someone's camera recently.... Photo credit- Mermaid Adella

And I'm pretty cool that someone took my picture when I wasn't paying attention...
photo credits- SC & Boots. 

And last but not least- before I have to go find Lola- a quiet puppy is a puppy being naughty and I haven't heard or seen her for an hour... My art. My crazy, colorful, crafty freaking art. And there has been a lot of it done in the last three weeks alone.

That last image- those are turkey feathers. I painted them to be unicorn feathers. I didn't think it would work. I was wrong! I will probably be selling these soon via the Inkblot Arts Page on Facebook framed in a shadowbox style alone or with a piece of my art featuring some varience of a unicorn- or offering it as a gift for my Patreon subscribers... Haven't made up my mind yet. Would love some feedback on that idea honestly.

Stay tuned for website updates in the near future featuring my amazing photography yet to edit. But for right now- I have to wash the dye from my hair and save a favorite scarf from the jaws of the mighty Lola!!!

Thanks for looking!!!


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