Freshwater Mermaid...

No salt, No Sharks- just pure Michigan... Dude- that's a slogan isn't it?

Anyhoo... My best girl Adella is a professional mermaid. In real life, when she's not part fish- she's a super crafty kinda person that makes wonderful things from glitter and vinyl... As soon as I am not squeezed for time I will be sure to show ya'll some of the amazing things she's made for me... Until then...

A week ago today myself, Adella, and another photographer humped gear along a long section of beach to find the perfect shoot location. It was a "getting to know you" kind of vibe as I've never met or worked with this other photographer. Ends up I taught him a lot about thinking outside of the box and the three or four poses he wanted to do. I opened his eyes to using the 360 degrees of space we were in and to utilize it best we artsy folks cans... What resulted was pure magic...

Yes, she is actually yelling at me to "LOOK!!!"

I'm a boat nerd, perhaps I've mentioned that. This big beauty was leaving port, and its one I haven't seen... So naturally... I took pictures.

Then, it magically cut north for the Lake Michigan shipping channel and provided an amazing addition to our mermaid shoot.

This... This is definitely pure Michigan, am I right???


How am I this lucky to have amazing people willing to work with my crazy butt?? Maybe that's why? I am creatively crazy with outside the lines thinking when it comes to photography... Maybe that's it?? 

Thanks for looking!!!


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