I'm Blue....

Cool points goes to whomever had that damn early 2000's song pop into their head and now can't help but hum it :) You're welcome!!!

I'm not exactly blue as in my mood or temperment... I'm blue in the fact that pretty much everything I have photographed in the last four weeks has something always blue in it. I blame the road trip Hubby and I took the first weekend of May. I hinted at in the last blog so I'll spare you the long drawn out details of the trip. I'll let the images do the speaking...

Fun fact... These images were taken from a platform 480 feet from the surface of Lake Michigan. Those "ripples" on the lake surface- are actually 8 feet tall waves.... How's that for a little digital height queasiness???

This was taken at the Sleeping Bear Dunes dune climb. By this time we were both way too tired and muscles too sore to even attempt it, in spite of how great the views cold have been. The last of the three above pictures shows how the dunes move (the ghostly veil of blowing sand near the top). The sign and post explain how much they move annually.

 This was a very cool blown glass shop in Sutton's Bay where we had breakfast after a restful night sleep in the casino (aka last room available anywhere).

Not  to brag- but seriously... This could be a tourism photo for Northport, MI. Am I right?

See??? Blue!!! Lots of Blue!!!
Then I went and photographed this lovely lady and her new hair color as a simple thank you for her helping me dye my hair :)

Next week Tuesday this little unicorn is going on an adventure via the big blue skies... As Hubby has said- this will be really good for me. Memorial day was my last shift at the gas station and honestly (trying to not make it dramatic here) it almost feels like getting out of a really bad, almost mentally abusive relationship. The main purpose of this trip is to go out to South Dakota and help my amazing in-laws move back here to Michigan, They will be living with Hubby and I until they purchase their own home. I fly out there and will be driving back. Hubby says this will be shaking the dust off, clearing my mind, and letting me think in new surroundings. Nothing better then a long trip with music and a camera. I'm hoping to tick off another item from my photography bucket list by photographing at least one thunderstorm over the plains... 

Hubby's also been the one to point out the cosmic signs that everything will be okay. This trip being one of them. And a few amazing natural things I've had the ability to photograph. I hit quite a low spot on Sunday evening- dark feelings of being worthless and a failure, ugly snot dripping crying fits... I was both scared and happy my last shift was Monday. Like I said- an abusive relationship. Wanting to get out, but then once I've gotten out- part me doesn't know how to cope without it.

Hubby pointed out the signs were all there that we'd be okay and that I have huge potential oppertunities on the very near horizon- one of which being this trip. Another being my new instructor position at the studio... "For someone that is all about reading the signs- you sure are missing the big ones..."


 I can't tell you how rare it is to see the Northern lights this bright out where I live. It's only happened a handful of times that I can recall in my 37 years on this planet. Even more rare is that I have my photographic shit together and actually catch images of said occurrence!

But... I have lots to still do, including starting a list of everything I need to pack and wrap up work on a few art pieces I am prepping to take with  me on my little bits of down time out west next week!!

I'm sure I will be posting pictures along the way on my trip over on my Facebook Page so go like it if you haven't already!!!

Have a great day!!!


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