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I'm one of THOSE people....

I don't respond to "forward this message to 25 people and you'll be granted luck forever..." email chains. I don't like getting those long, drawn out, has been forwarded to 300 people funny joke emails that it takes an hour to scroll thru. It's rare that even after being "nominated" by one of my girlfriends to post a picture of myself when I feel sexy- I never do it. Honestly- I remove the tag or leave the conversation and keep on keepin' on. I don't like it when people add me to groups- like Lularoe leggings shit (I'm a tubby girl that respects herself enough to know not to wear leggings in public- hell you're lucky if I wear my yoga pants outside my own back door!!!), or make-up clubs, or worse yet- "Michigan Hotties blah de blah" photographer groups when first, no one asked if I was interested and second when I scroll thru said group and find myself cringing at the shitty photography quality and less then sunny deposition of the GWC's (Guys With Cameras) in the group. Seriously- if the first thought that crosses my mind when I see your "work" is- OMG what milk carton is she on- I want nothing doin'. If I cringed, I know potential clients or students of mine will cringe knowing I'm a part of that crap.

That being said- there is one occasional Facebook trend that I kinda dig. And I've decided when I come across one on Facebook that I like- I'm going to turn it into a blog post. It's those- answer these questions honestly- share with your friends. Well- we all know I won't do the latter- unless a blog post counts. So here is one I've held in my documents folder on my phone for about a month now- not because I am lazy- but because I've been busy. Just to keep interest up- I'm sprinkling in images I took at the Fred Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park two weeks ago while the South Dakota family was in town post first moving the parent s back load.

This is the Desert Rose in the Arid Garden- it's SUPER rare that it's blooming- even more rare is that it's blooming when I'm there!!! This is the second time in 15 years that I've been able to photograph it!

Let's start with the questions shall we???

1. What's the last thing you put in you mouth?
Since I'm nothing but honest... Pineapple Peach kombucha brew- which hindsight being perfect- drinking this after brushing my teeth- probably not my best life choice ever.

2. Do you hate anyone??
Hate is a strong word. I deeply dislike on the cusp of hate a couple people for personal reasons and slights- but I wouldn't say I hate anyone.

3. Where was your profile pic taken & who took it?
My back hallway. It has perfect lighting honestly. And it's a selfie so...

4. Do you play Pokemon Go?
Nope. But I may or may not have heinously ridiculed those that do play it.

5. What does your last text message say??
It's a discount coupon & promotional info from a local fabric store.

6. Someone (something) that made you laugh today.
Morganna when she decided to find out what mommy was doing in the bathroom and got sprayed in the face by the shower.

(Side bar- Lilacs and Orchids can officially step aside as my tied favorite flowers of all times. These are Sweet Peas. They are vibrant pink at the beginning, but fade to purpl-ish-blue, then pale petal pink at the end.... I love them. I ransack ditches and fill a bucket I have in my back seat for just these... Want to get me pretty flowers? Get me a fistful of these babies)

7. Who was the last person you saw in the hospital?
It had to be at least four years ago now- but it was a middle of the night run to the hospital with Hubby after one of his crews was in a bad accident. I pretended to be the wife of one of the medics to comfort him until his actual wife got there. It's surreal how if they are bringing in someone they are chill AF, but when they are on the table themselves- not so much. I'm just happy I could bring soothing comfort to him as he got checked out. Everything ended fine, he just got his bell rang.

8. How late did you stay up last night?
Went to bed at 10:30, screwed around looking up ships on my new boatnerd app until 11:15p.
The green shapes are all freighters and bulk carriers on Lake Michigan (but the app covers the entire world, not just the Great Lakes) currently transmitting their locations.

9. What can you not go without during the day?
Currently- nicotine (although that has subsided a lot in the past three weeks- I'm down to pretty much one pack per week instead of one every two days- go me!!!), Monster in some form, a Kombucha brew (trying to kill this psudeo-pneumonia in my body and get my innards settled), and sitting with my sketchbook working on some colorful piece.

10. Ever been kissed under fireworks?
Yes. In Rockford during that final night of Start of Summer Celebration.

11. Night out or night in type of person?
I'm going to say- night in. But that might mean I am outside in my driveway burning shit and drinking a beer with friends. Or I might be seated at the kitchen table drawing until 1am. Or eating icecream in bed while cuddling my cats and watching the local weather station until I fall asleep.

12. Which friend lives closest to you?
Pretty certain that would be a tie between my Sister from Another Mister, Lobster, & Mama Mennes.

(This is my nephew AJ whom was overwhelmed with the urge to meditate in the Japanese Garden while we adults walked around. Sad to say apparently you get yelled at for going where you aren't supposed to go by the docents wandering around enforcing rules when it suits them. Because, you know.... obviously he's up to absolutely no good, right??)

13. Are you a bad influence?
Honestly- I don't know. Some would say I was for treating my nieces and nephews like adults while they were here (as in I still talked "like an adult" around them, but also expected them to act as adults in tidying up their own messes) In other instances, I'm certain I am a bad influence by just being me and not taking bullshit from anyone and teaching other's not to do so either.

14. Do you believe ex's can be friends?
In my case- no. I am not and never will be friends with either my ex husband nor my ex boyfriend- we'll call him "CD". Those that know me, know why I call him that. I absolutely cannot look past everything I endured with my ex husband and simply be friends with him ever again now that I have grown as a person and can see the damage that was done to me over the course of our 6.5 year marriage. With "CD"- he broke the rules. I was up front and honest with that our "relationship" was just for fun and stress relief. No feelings. No meeting parents. And he started having feelings for me- so I broke it off. At the time Hubby and I had started talking and building a friendship- so it was easy to break it off as I had no feelings for him. It sounds cold, I know. But a country girl from Marne couldn't possibly be with someone from the high scale, rich section of Grand Haven. We we're too different.

15. Last time you cried?
Three weeks ago on Saturday. Our mini-freight train of vehicles rolled into Holland, MI and it hit me. In a couple different ways. It had been a long 20 hours behind the wheel of the U-Haul and I was that close to being home again. And as stupid as it sounds- sadness that all the fun I've had the past few years at SWMCCC wasn't going to happen anymore.

16. Last person you took a photo of?
I'm pretty sure that was Mermaid Adella at the beach last Saturday night. Unless my cats count.

17. Was yesterday better then today?
It was. I got to spend it having conversations and quality time with Hubby while we drove all over the place running errands. Today I'm home alone working on my computer in peaceful loneliness.

18. Can you live a day without TV?
Absolutely. I can definitely live without the negativity, one sided political bullshit, sadness filled stories. I've got a radar app on my phone- that's all I care about.

19. Are you upset about anything?
How absolutely negative and drama filled the world as a whole has become. It's a constant fight to not get upset or angry about something you see on the news or on social media

20. How do you feel about life right now?
Unsettled. The dust will settle eventually and I will fall into a groove, but for right now it's a subdued chaos.

21. Has anyone called you perfect?
My gawd- I hope not. I hope I am no one's variation of perfect. I hope I am lovably flawed and a wonderful friend, but god- I hope I'm not perfect.

22. If we looked into your inbox right now, what would we find?
A class scheduling email from the studio, a shoot fest schedule email with SC, and an email from some random "retoucher" offering their services because you know- that's a thing. I just haven't gotten back to giving them my humble, F bomb laden response, I'm pretty immaculate as far as emails not cluttering up the inbox.

(This is my father-in-law. When I tell people he's a cowboy- this is why. Born and raised in Michigan, but has lived out west the last 30-40 years, he's adopted the demeanor of a cowboy. And it's awesome. He's also a very well-renowned cowboy poet with a few books under his belt as well as a phenomenal wood worker.)

23. What do you have to do tomorrow?
Clean the house, hook up the camper with water and electric, confirm my schedule with Hubby's, check under the bed for monsters.

24. Do you think too much? Or too little?
Oh- easy. I think WAY WAY TOO much. I'm a woman after all.

25. Do you laugh a lot?
I do laugh a lot. I laugh more with some people then others. But I don't think I laugh enough.

26. Do you have any fears?
I'm afraid I will never be good enough for those people in my life.
I'm afraid that I'm totally not worthy of the love and friendships I have.
I'm afraid someday I will be all alone and no one will give a shit about me and that it will be my fault.
I'm afraid of heights, snakes, spiders... 
I'm afraid of underwater weeds touching my legs when I swim- so I don't swim in lakes.
I'm afraid that in spite of my best efforts- I will end up being nothing.

So there you have it. Bet ya'll learned a few things, huh? But I have to start my cleaning of the house to get it ready for the landing of the final moving party from South Dakota as well as making sure everything is ready for Mom and Dad when they move in either Sunday or Monday.

Have a Happy 4th of July and don't blow off any body parts with fireworks!!!

And here's the shameless self promotional part of the program-

In cased you missed it- a conversation as to how popular our kitchen table is has thus created a Facebook page for it. Sound crazy, but it's really cool!!! Check it out- like it!!! This page is run by myself, Mouse, and Hubby. Each of us with our own sections- Hubby covers canning. Mouse covers food porn pictures, and I cover artwork, photography, and shoots behind the scenes.

My creative crazy Facebook Page

And of course- my website filled with awesome image galleries that gets updated every two weeks.


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