Brains- Fantastic or ???

The human body is an amazing thing... More then that- each tiny little functioning part has an entire set of special things it can do. The brain for instance- makes your entire body work, perform tasks... Tells your lungs to breath, your heart to beat, your bladder to pee... It's all magical. The brain, however has a dark and twisty side. A sick sense of humor.

Your brain will see you are in a peaceful state of emotion and just for shits and giggles brings up some random factoid of drama and lets it take your thoughts over, making you sad, angry, anxious- whatever. It sees and processes the gigantic amount of tasks one human has to do, helps formulate lists in order to keep order, and recognizes and creates the stress that effects everything else in one's body. It also recognizes a chink in one protective armor at the most possible stressful time and decides that's the perfect time to let an illness set seed and bloom like a rancid little flower.

Like me. Right now. Sinus' congested to the point of migraine pain, throat burning, chest getting tighter with wheezes coming and going... Yesterday was body aches. All my joints hurt like I'd over done something, somewhere. It hurt to sit, hurt to stand, hurt to move, hurt to not move. That- that right there should have been a signal. This morning I woke up with the burning ball of ick in my throat and I have only gotten progressively worse as the day carried on. My manager sent me home from work because "I looked sick..."- well, yeah. Because I am. Meh, it is what it is.

I'm in the home stretch of soon not having to deal with the chaos of the retail job. Next week Wednesday is my last day available there. No idea how many days I actually work next week- all I do know is I got slammed with hours this week, deeply ironic given it's been a struggle to get any at all for the last month and a half. But, again- I'm almost done there. I've even bleached my hair beyond blonder then an ABBA tribute band so when Thursday next week rolls around- the unicorn colors go in and they stay in for as long as I want.

Life is changing for me- for the better. It's messy and stressful but beautiful and hopefully more me. My status at the studio will be shifting into a stronger administrator position as well as instructor. I will be also "on-call" to sit in on photo shoots to make sure things go okay with non-member/newbie shoots. Which, lets all face it- is more me then retail. I'll be the boss rather then taking shit from surly customers and a passive aggressive manager.

The biggest of changes outside of abandoning retail is that involving my South Dakota in-laws. With age comes acknowledgement that bodies change and don't repair themselves quite as easily as they once did. With that perspective- SD Mom and Dad have decided to move back here to Michigan, preferably within half and hour of Hubby and I. Evenings are now spent on long distance phone calls and searching Zillow for homes for sale fitting what they want in the area. Things have changed from "this will happen over the course of the summer" to "this is happening now". With that, I found myself booking my first airline ticket since the cloudless September day when I deplaned into mass hysteria in Washington D.C. sixteen years ago. That's brought back all the nightmares. The shake in my left hand. It's all there again.

On June 6th, I will be getting onto an airplane and jumping backwards two time zones to the heart of the Plains States. My lovely sister-in-law will be swooping into grab me at the airport, take me shopping for clothing I'll need for the four or five days I'm there (I'm only traveling with my backpack and one piece of carry on luggage) and I will spend the following time out there helping pack boxes, pack trucks with boxes, and driving something back towards Michigan in the family caravan of vehicles. Fingers crossed, I can tick off one of my photography bucket list items while I'm out there... Severe storms over the wide open spaces. I'd honestly be super stoked with just a big 'ol thunderhead- a tornado, that'll only make it better. You know I'll chase both too if given the chance and keys to a vehicle. And honestly, since it will be super dark at night out there with little to no light interference- Milky Way photos over the lands of South Dakota- not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

It's everyone's hopes we find a place for mom and dad to move into directly from out west. However, if that doesn't happen as planned- we've started the process of getting things done around the house. Building a shower surround and installing a shower in the main floor bathroom, repairing electrical wiring in the basement to supply power to the camper we borrowed from my parents (which took two days to clean up properly). I've gotten the gardens all weeded, lawn mowed and looking perfect (then the mower decided to blow up). We've gotten the guest room all set for Mom to move into and the camper ready for Mouse to move into while she's here during the week, and for traveling family to stay in on the weekends. It sleeps six easily, while adding a bathroom/shower/kitchen to our existing house for the length of the summer.

Life will settle eventually. I hope. And when it does I'll be a different person with better income and less anxiety then current me.

But since I haven't properly blogged in a while- I sure probably update everyone on the latest artistic  things and pretty photography I've been furiously trying to edit and get done and out there before life pulls me away from my computer for a couple weeks.

Hubby and I took time off at the beginning of May for a long overdue vacation. We packed up the car and drove north to Sleeping Bear Dunes. He'd been there as a small child- me, never have I ever. I've barely scratched the surface of editing the trip pictures but here's a quick batch of them I edited for a print order...



 In my entire life of living in Michigan- I cannot recall the waters ever being as blue as they were that weekend. We started our adventure in Empire and ended it the following day in Northport before turning back south for home. We stayed the night in a quiet casino lodge, ate way to much at a beautiful inn in Sutton's Bay, had a great evening with an old friend in Glen Arbor, and hiked more miles then either of our bodies anticipated.

I have been working with some fantastic models both new and familiar- bulking up my class portfolios for different subjects.


  This adorable blonde hails from Michigan originally but had since moved to Texas. She was back on a family visit and is damn near family with Ash. She'd only done one other photo shoot in her life- a group beach shoot a few years ago with my mentor Larry. It was beyond amazing to work with her and a tad mind blowing when all three of us realized the Larry we'd been talking about separately was the same amazing guy.


In the Art Aspect of Life...


"Mama- I see you are busy with the artz... I can haz help, yez?" This is life with a pigeon named Chicken. What I didn't take a picture of was each time I got stuff sorted in piles- a certain feathered someone would start flapping her wings in order to make everything fly off onto the floor. 

But I am sensing a another round of meds is in order, plus there is now a single load of laundry to put away... So I will bid you all farewell for now :) Stay tuned for the adventures of Unicorn Goes West :)


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