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Brains- Fantastic or ???

The human body is an amazing thing... More then that- each tiny little functioning part has an entire set of special things it can do. The brain for instance- makes your entire body work, perform tasks... Tells your lungs to breath, your heart to beat, your bladder to pee... It's all magical. The brain, however has a dark and twisty side. A sick sense of humor.

Your brain will see you are in a peaceful state of emotion and just for shits and giggles brings up some random factoid of drama and lets it take your thoughts over, making you sad, angry, anxious- whatever. It sees and processes the gigantic amount of tasks one human has to do, helps formulate lists in order to keep order, and recognizes and creates the stress that effects everything else in one's body. It also recognizes a chink in one protective armor at the most possible stressful time and decides that's the perfect time to let an illness set seed and bloom like a rancid little flower.

Like me. Right now. Sinus&…


Change keeps life moving. Every topsy turvy moment keeps you on your toes and pretty much at a constant level of stress.

My life is full of them right now, hence why I haven't kept up on this blog or my Patreon account... All of that has fallen to the wayside as life here at home is crazy busy.

After consideration I have decided to walk away from my retail job. The stress and anxiety of it all was making me sick and the stress of it made me almost unbearable to live with- making my husband and friends pay the ultimate price. Rumors, backstabbing, and favortism running rampant has made for a wickedly bad work environment that I simply cannot be in anymore. I'm being a good person about it- working through my 2+ week notice in spite of all the BS. Yesterday I caught my manager talking smack about me to another co-worker when she thought I was out of the room- only to have her continue to smack talk me to the same coworker in a closed door meeting.

My gut reaction is to walk away…