Spring is Here... Isn't it??

Spring is popping up all over...

On top of some seriously wild weather- severe thunderstorms, crazy wind storms, and enough rain to add roughly 10 trillion gallons of water to the Great Lakes (seriously, I'm not joking)... We have also had some amazing sunsets. Amazing enough that I will be taking inspiration from these wonders for a new series of watercolour based multi-media artworks.

Over the course of the past weekend, Hubby and I have cleaned out the winter debris from the gardens, planned out the new addition to the gardenscapes, and made a plan for the utter destruction and rebuild of one of the oldest gardens here at the homestead. It's filled with a tea rose/ bramble rose that has overrun and choked out pretty much everything (like my expensive bearded iris'). And if you are daring enough, even with leather gloves- the thorns rip you to absolute shreds. So we will be creating a nursery bed down by the pole barn where everything we want to keep will be transplanted, then we will be using Roundup and black plastic to kill off the tea roses over the course of the summer. Drastic- yes. Necessary- absolutely.

Ashlie in Studio...
We are amazingly close friends that seem to read each other's minds when the camera is turned on... A lot of that happened during this shoot.

 Sometimes- all you need is a really gorgeous model and a really beautiful floor to make a perfect shot! Pardon the censor bars, but I'd rather not offend anyone :)

Monique in studio...
She was in town briefly from Texas to visit family and I somehow managed to work in a quick shoot with her in the new studio. And it was flawless. 


 I watch a lot of DIY photography hack videos on COOPH's channel on Youtube and I taught myself how to diffuse the background to make the subject really pop. There is also a photographer on the east side of the state that does this same thing to almost all of his photography so I have affectionately started calling this- "The Birdsong Edit".

 Yes.. this is a gorgeous model in a shark onesie wearing Louboutin heels... Why? Because she can, and it was hilarious!!

Nothing Ventured- Nothing Gained....
I have officially started a new thing to earn money with my varied artistic talents. It's very new, very foreign to me but I will muddle my way through it... I've created a Patreon Page. Basically its my asking for subscribers at various financial levels. Each level has perks and present associated with them. Ultimately- my goal is to survive on my art and my photography. To step away from the retail job and carry on without the drama, stress, and utter bullshit- but let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet. This whole Patreon thing is in its infancy with me. Check it out... Subscribe!!

But... I have been editing and working on my computer for the last solid two days. Total I have edited over 400 model images, 300 nature images, written this blog, plus another to post on Monday, created the Patreon page, updated the webpage, books new shoots... I need to take a break now- maybe make some art?? The website has been updated, check it out! I added lots of new pictures!!

Have a great day!! Thanks for looking!!!


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