300th Post and EPIC News!!!

Honestly, there've been more then 300 posts, I just am weird in the fact I go back and deleted ages old entries... But as promised- there is huge, happy shiny news to tell you all!!

Household things. Succulent obsessions. Artwork. And a pigeon named Chicken...

For a belated Valentine's day present, Hubby took me to Horrocks and let me spend way too much money on my new obesssion- succulent plants. Like we really needed more houseplants in this greenhouse/ virtual conservatory of a domicile we call home... But I got more. Lots more. My art table is now less artsy work area and more hay places to take pictures of my daily growing and changing succulent babies.




The beasts known as stress and anxiety have taken a toll on what's left of my already busy mind and I have recently found comfort in an old friend named Robert Frost. He's been one of my favorite poets since high school and right now, copying his words in my notebook that's always with me brings me back to when I was a scared, bullied high school dork that liked to write in my notebooks and felt safe reading his words. 

Anxiety has been held at bay mostly, but I have had a few times where it's pretty much overridden everything lately. Wednesday I had a day off, stayed home, had a friend over for art day, and then suddenly my mind was racing out of control. Nothing set me off, not a damn thing in sight that could have been a trigger, just everything was bad, everything was going wrong in my mind... Fridge made a funny noise- brain said it died. Chicken made a funny sound- sent me to google and sick pigeon diagnosis (she couldn't reach her water bowl and was just thirsty. It was super windy and a branch hit the side of the house- brain said the roofs coming apart and going to cave in... Everything that happened turned into worse case scenarios in my head. Just out of absolute control. I tucked myself in bed, took my stress meds, and prayed for my thoughts to stop racing enough for me to sleep. I talked for over an hour on the phone with hubby whom was working hoping that would calm me down, and wrote a couple pages in my anxiety journal, then doodled for another hour- when finally sleep hit me around 1am. 

Scared isn't a word I like to use- but will in this case. It scared the hell out of me, and still does, that apparently I am not in control of my own brain right now. My homeopathic meds do help when I take them, and they are quick enough acting that it knocks down the anxiety swiftly. The last thing I want is actual therapy. I don't want to sit and talk with someone I don't know, can't trust and have them prescribe me meds that will kill any and all inkling of my creativity. My art and photography is really all I have right now as an outlet. Without that- I'm pretty much nothing but an angry, stressed out ball of human that hates her retail job.

I need to runaway from home again and hide somewhere. I know it's helped me come back from the brink of completely losing it before- maybe it would help again. It recharged my batteries and helped me find myself again.

In Case You Missed It... This was February in Michigan
Oddly warm (like in the 60's and 70's) degree weather welcomed the first round of "Burn Sh*t in the Driveway" evenings for 2017.

I believe it is fair to say that Chicken has become a full time member of the household. She comes when she is called, she has squared off with Morganna over a cat toy she has decided is hers, and follows hubby around the house on the floor like a dog. I guess our next step is training her to become the best freakin' photo prop ever- because really.... who wouldn't want a pigeon as a potential photo prop? Plus we kinda adore her to pieces. Except when she poops on my head. Or the furniture.

The New Tattoo...
I bit the bullet and finally started my half sleeve last week. My artist was super chill and cool. He loved my design and has talked me into adding shading and color to it in probably one more session.

When I'm not at work being miserable- I'm in my new happy place...

In the Beginning (3 weeks ago...)
We went to the meet and greet to get a feel for the new studio. Kinda cluttered, construction needed, but it held promise.

Below are images of my plans to re-paint/paint the colored window bank for a more stained glass feel when the sunlight pours in as they are all South facing windows.

 Then we cleared everything out and refinished the floors- removing 80% of the old factory floor safety paint lines and gave it two good coats of varnish. Sure, we got goofy off the fumes, but it took two days and boom... Amazing. If you ever had the pleasure of working in the original studio on Monroe & Mason, you remember the floors... Guess what, we have them again!!

Dusty, dirty, and grudgy turned to absolutely gorgeous Honey Amber wonder...


As odd as it sounds... These floors feel like home. They are soothing and comforting. Maybe because it reminds me of the beginning- of when I became a member of Workshoots the first time around. They make me happy and sad remembering good times and good friends. Yesterday, before anyone else got to the studio and it was just hubby and I there, I plugged in my iPod and played a song I first remember hearing in the old studio on Monroe, one lyric sticking out as Larry used to shoot Nikon.

Tears streaming down my cheeks, I took a deep breath, looked around and got to work painting the walls of my new photography home.

Under Construction and the Current Ideas...

The plan is to clear this space of our construction staging area and turn it into a white painted "stage" type set up with sheer curtains hung in the bare bank of windows for natural light shooting and privacy from the street view.

 Yesterday we finished the black corner for shooting backdrop, painted the new drywall (left side of the image above) in preparation for construction of the bilateral dressing rooms, and cleaned out the corner (not pictured) to the right of the black area to hang and paint white for the infinity wall.
 We also started repair work on some of the more popular couch props as well as staging the client meeting area. On a whim, just to move it out of the way, we put the "big sexy couch" in front of the new distressed brick wall set and fell in love with how it looked. I love it so much I made it a logo for the studio...

If all goes as planned, we will be open for business by March 14th. That being said- I am now accepting studio session bookings from then on.

I've got the get used to the idea of filling my big shoes again. I've had the piss kicked out of me photography wise over the past couple months and fell right out of them. Pretty much terrified that I may not ever get back behind the lens. But I want to. I'm like a newborn baby deer trying to figure out how her legs work. I'll get there. I'll get my mojo back and when I do- lord help the persons that try to get in my way. I am a damn unicorn after all :)

Stay tuned for updates on the studio progression as there's about to be a whole lot more done this weekend!!


  1. I am in awe of the photo studio before and after pics!!!


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