Stress in the Land of Sickie-Poo

Current Situation & Procedure: Take my handful of vitamens and supplements, washed down with some version of Emergen-C, followed by a Zicam swab and nasal spray appertiff.

Home base has been moved to the kitchen table, as it is warmer out here and I can easily inhale the tea tree oil scented steam from my vaporizer at my feet. Blow my nose, toss the tissue, massage lotion into my poorly chapped face. Repeat process in 5-10 minutes.

I hate being sick. I have valiantly fought off the wandering crud for the past two weeks. Eating vitamins and supplements like candy. Forcing down two not so great tasting Emergen-C packets a day. However, in spite of my best attempts- it snuck in and took hold of my body while I was wrapped up and distracted by large amounts of stress this week.

The root cause of the problems this week started with activating my new credit union issued chip card. If not for trying to remember every online account I have that withdraws funds from the old card, I would have never found out that my website had been taken down and my being frozen out of it. Why? Well after an entirely wasted day between emails to tech support and phone calls to tech support- some algorithm that scans "randomly selected websites" for pornographic material- my site was effectively shut down a week and a half ago- with absolutely no notification to me. But, like I said- after a day of chasing my tail and shitty hold music- I finally got it all hashed out, re-published, and reconnecting to everything it was connected to before.

Then came Tuesday and Wednesday at work. Stressful as all get out at our manager is currently on vacation and one of our fill in people I can liken to a painful flare up of Scabies. You want to run and hide from it/her- but you can't. Wednesday in particular was difficult to say the least. When I got to work- our store was crawling with both our district manager, corporate office person, and fill in manager. Come to find out- how my manager taught me to do things is/was completely wrong and I was under investigation for stealing $70 from our store Tuesday. Which I didn't do! But instead of getting an apology from my district manager for the confusion- I got an ass chewing about everything I do wrong on a shift by shift basis. 
District Manager- "I had to sit here and watch the tapes of your entire shift- and just who the hell do you think you are 'drawing' on shift? On my clock? You're a great 'colorer', (what. the. f**k is a colorer?? seriously??) but when you are here- you do my work." 
My reply "On my paperwork, every shift- I put a check mark next to my tasks as I do them. Some get multiple checks as I do them multiple times. In the open margins- I hand write tasks I did that other shifts didn't do, extra tasks, etc. Not once did I miss a customer, mess up a transaction, ignore anyone, and all my work, plus extra work was completed. Our manager allows us to do anything we want AT OUR REGISTER- such as homework as long as our tasks are complete. So-and-so, does nothing but homework all shift, not once doing a task on her checklist, making her co-cashier do the work of two people- how about that?"
DM- "I didn't watch her shift tapes, I watched yours. And why didn't you make you co-worker change into her uniform shirt? She was out of uniform."
Me- "I cannot physically make her change, that's assault. Am I formally being written up? Do I have to sign something?"
DM- "No. Not at all."
Me- "Good, then we're done here."
And I got up and walked out. I will do as I have been doing, until which time I am handed a formal write-up to sign. At that point I will tender my two weeks notice. If they're lucky. Honestly I thought this place was supposed to be better. But it isn't. It's different colored bullshit wrapped in a smaller box, and I've had it. This DM has had it in for me ever since I asked her during a store meeting what difference my hair color has on my ability to do my job to the fullest extent and ability. And she couldn't give me an answer.
On my way home from work Wednesday, Hubby calls and says there'e an issue with our bank account and "fraudulent" charges being made to it. Now I am stressed to the max from work, then grocery shopping by myself which over loads the anxiety triggers, then this. I spend the next hour on hold or dealing with incompetent people to find out nothing is actually wrong with my account. Fine. I have a meltdown in my parents living room, crying and screaming, take a few deep breaths and chaulk it up to a new scam. I drive home, unload groceries, clean the house, and go to bed.

Today. Here we go again with the bank bullshit. Hubby gets calls about fraudulent charges on my exactly 4 day old CHIP card. He calls the bank. They are beyond rude to him about his not being able to answer security questions on my half of the account. When they should be calling me about MY card, should they not? So I call the bank and rip them up one side down the other- numerous times being reminded "this is a recorded call, please stop cursing ma'am..." "No. I will not stop cursing- because this is bullshit and I want some damn answers! I want to be assured that my four day old CHIP card that hasn't left my possession has not been compromised!! If someone else hears this recording they will know how exactly upset I am, for what reason, and how I am seriously considering changing banks because of this shit that has gone on for four damn days!" Now I am waiting on a call back from a supervisor. Supposedly they are investigating why normal, day to day transactions are being marked as fraudulent charges on my account. They didn't take to nicely to my suggestion of my shoving their bullshit chip card up their ass, turn on my old card again either. I've probably been marked as hostile in the system, and I could care less at this point.

I'm sick and in a foul mood to start with because I am sick and I hate being sick. Add tot hat all this work/bank BS... I'm seriously considering day drinking at this point. I've waited two hours now and haven't heard from the bank yet, so I am going to finish up this blog post (pray for the best), blow my nose, pull up my big girl panties and call them again.


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