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Understandable my post earlier this week was a little bit more then intense. So- here I am- chugging monster and praying my brain doesn't break while creating this latest masterpiece of a blog. I woke up wanting to get moving and get stuff done this morning. I had the best of intentions when I laid down in bed last night to get up with Hubby and start my day off ticking accomplishments off my to do list. My brain- however- revolted at that idea. I woke up to eye splitting, auras around lights, pounding in my temples, nausea in my tummy pain. Hello hormonal migraine!! Thank you for dashing away any hopes of peaceful happiness. I forced myself from bed to get a cup off coffee Hubby made for me, swallowing my migraine meds with whatever was left from a can of soda left open on the counter overnight, grabbed my sunglasses and curled back up in my warm bed with two snoozing cats.

Body was wide awake, so I put on my unicorn sunglasses and tuned on the TV to watch some morning news. I returned to the kitchen to grab a cold pack, tucked it against the base of my skull and laid back down... Sipping coffee and instantly regretting medicine on an empty stomach. Oh well. Least they'll kick in faster.

After an hour of struggling to not scream at the TV about it's crappy selection of news topics covered- Trump's pissing contest with other countries, gossip on Beyonce's terrible baby announcement pictures, and what Super Bowl commercials are already banned and considered "offensive"- I got up, showered, and got dressed. Now here I am. Wearing sunglasses again, drinking monster in my office/dark cave working on this blog for everyone.

My brain is only like what, 10% of my entire body mass (says the girl who can't math with or without a migraine), so I should be able to over power it enough to carry on with life today, right?

A couple weeks ago- we had a January thaw. Hubby and I had a day off together and decided to go out the Grand Haven to take in the sights. It seems like we go months between visits to a favorite place of mine for no other reason then life has been way too busy, so I guess that makes each visit more special. Add to that the sentimental bond we have with the pier in Grand Haven (for those that don't know- Hubby proposed on the end of the pier on a 60 degree Christmas Eve sunset 12 years ago)- we truly enjoy spend what little time we get out there now. This visit was no less then spectacular. The week and a half long thaw was about four days in and a heavy fog was creeping in across the lake. Warm air temps and massive amounts of ice only made the thick fog thicker on the lake shore. I was in heaven snapping away with my shutter.

Random informational topics- picture on the left is the limestone boulders under the water's surface along the pier. This is why you shouldn't ever- EVER dive off the pier. You can't see them in the summer due to the lake's agitation. Picture on the right is the billowing clouds of Grand River muddy flood water mixing with the cool calm Lake Michigan water. It was creepy to see and a little mentally unsettling (like motion sickness, vertigo kind of unsettling to photograph).


In case any of you were wondering- yes, the pier looks very different now. As the Army Corp of Engineers is working on repairing it- a lot of excavation has been done, making the walk treacherous with or without ice, and the full length catwalk has been removed for restoration. Yes, you shouldn't be out there at all- it's fenced off. But after a little effort, you can get around the fence (holding one side, swinging yourself around a ten foot drop to the water, grabbing the other side as you swing around) and off you go adventuring. This is what the pier has always looked like until late this summer.
At the tale end on the that- we had a good, solid day of sunshine... It was 60 degrees and sunny at the end of January... So I did what anyone else would do. I sat on my front porch, painted my toenails, listened to music and wrote in my journal.

This brings me to my main goal for today's blog. Favorite things. I'll admit- working on my list I have of my favorite things made me smile a bit during more stressful times at work this week. Jotting down a couple things now and then over the course of this week, gave me little mental vacations as I remembered why I love the things I do. A couple items on my list also inspired me to play with my camera Wednesday when I got home from work (psst... that means more pretty pictures towards the end everyone!!). So- these are just a few of my favorite things. Yes, some are "normal". Some- totally not. And some completely... well... Me. And just because I am me, and I'm painfully organized- yes, I have broken them down into lists.

  • Astronaut Ice Cream
  • Cadbury Eggs 
  • Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (butter & salt only)
  • Brussel Sprouts (raw in salad, roasted with olive oil & sea salt)
  • Honeycrisp apples
  • Michigan Craft Beers
  • Vodka

  • Leaf Smoke
  • The Atlantic Ocean @ 4am
  • Cut Grass
  • Old Books
  • House Fire Smoke
  • Autumn Air
Combinations: (like the whole situation or combination of factors)
  • Bonfires, Beers, & Friends
  • Autumn & Halloween
  • Oil slick rainbows on wet pavement.
  • Watching creamer make clouds in my coffee.
  • Lavender anything- (color, flowers, scent...)
  • Making art to good, loud music.
  • Laying in the grass on a summer night looking at stars.
  • Singing at the top of my lungs dancing in my living room.
  • Watching thunderstorms build and come in.
  • Photography
  • Road trips to anywhere, windows open, conversations, and music.
Things: (Logical, Mythical)
  • Music
  • Unicorns
  • Candle Light
  • Rainbow Everything
  • Opals, Amethysts, Quartz, & Pyrite
  • Rocks & Crystals
  • Saltwater
  • Lilacs
  • Being Barefoot
  • Shooting Stars & Constellations
  • Glitter
  • Old Photographs Found in Antique Shops
  • Shells, Feathers, Creepy Dead Thing Bones, & Random Bits of Nature
  • Succulents
  • Sun Catchers & Prisms
The last item on that list brings us to the next round of pretty pictures for this blog. I was hoping to have more sunlight when I tried these, but I will certainly try again as I barely scraped the surface of my gemstone and sun catcher collections...

Then I got crazy... I started shooting through my prisms!!!

Now- for all of you wanting to purchase a beautiful piece of my artwork... Stay tuned to Inkblot Arts/Michelle Premer Photography over on Facebook to see when my new Valentine's Day inspired pieces of art will be going up for sale!! Seriously- probably by the end of this weekend. Not kidding. Limited pieces available.

Enjoy the day!!! Thanks for looking!!!


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