New Year Focus

Focus- something I lack currently.

Well, sort of. I am focused on finding a new source of employment. Currently- I deal with back biting or all out Julius Caeser backstabbing and boss' pet getting away with absolutely everything while the rest of us pay for not liking her. Hubby says no matter where I go- this kind of situation will surface. This I understand- however, do not like one bit. Gossip and spreading rumors about regular customers from the surrounding area and employees seems to be the life force of the place. Honestly I liked a lot more when I was just a customer. Having heard my name being run through the shit mill of rumors- not exactly something that makes me happy. Of course- now that I know my personal life (as "exciting") as it is or isn't is fodder for the bullshit machine- I'm naturally playing it up. Want something to spin your wheels about? Watch this!

I'm working on accomplishing my various goals list for the year- I've been doing a lot of photography technique studying and adding it to my notebook. I've been doing my vitamins on a regular basis- however it's still not helping me kick whatever crap is running through my system currently. I'm sick/not sick as I've been calling it. Stuffy, congested, icky cough that comes and goes, added with the "run down as f***" feeling constantly no matter caffeine intake or how much sleep I get. I can go to bed at 9p and sleep until noon the next day- still feel tired. Go to bed at 1am- be awake and sparkly eyed at 7a... I don't get it. At all.

However it has come to my mind that I haven't picked up my actual camera since mid-November (I seriously do not count 15 minutes of experimenting at Christmas). I don't know if its some weird mental block that the last time I shot with it it was for my DIY Photography class outlines and since "I'm not experienced enough" and my model program got smashed to little bits and tossed in the trash can, maybe that's the hang up?? Who knows. Most likely I'm under a weather restricted hiatus from being behind the lens. Hopefully that will change soon :)

Until that does change- I am still busy creating art. I'm working on two series of drawings and paintings at the same time. One for fun- one for a future tattoo sleeve. Plus I have been getting random spurts of painting three or four canvas' at the same time with plans of drawing on them, unless I fall in love with them too much. Then I signed them and stack them in the living room :)


I have brought some variation of organization to my two major work areas... The third being our kitchen table and that's always clean and organized :)

But I have honestly been fighting with website updates (internet ridiculously slow) and trying to burn CD's from a friend (iTunes is being a rancid bitch today and/or my burner is), and edit images to post on the website (editor software frustratingly slow). So I am going to go nibble on something (I haven't eaten since 10am) and get to work on a few loose ends that need tying up :)

The website has been updated in spite of all the trouble today... Go check it out :)


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