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I rarely speak my mind on politics or hot button issues, because let’s face it everyone has an opinion on this matter and no one ever agrees with anyone else. But when I do decide on that rare occasion- like now, I never go off half-cocked without doing research into the topics I wish to discuss. I currently have two pages of notes and six pages of rough draft that has been looked at, gone over, ripped apart, built back up and fact checked. Will it be offensive? Pretty certain it will be. If you are of fragile sensibility you probably shouldn’t be reading this at all. Will I be using vulgar language and be graphic in nature? Most definitely. Am I seeking others to be in agreeance with me or approve of me? No. I could care less. These are MY OPINIONS backed up by research. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH- MY OPINONS, MY EXPERIENCES. I firmly believe in being honest to those of you that spend time reading my thoughts and craziness. If cursing offends you (mostly the magical word that starts with “F”)- close your browser window and walk away. There will be another post later this week that’s all happy and fluffy and shiny and pretty- come back then.

If this blog posting forces you to think it’s okay to argue with me about this post on Facebook? Fine. But do it in Messenger, privately. Public argumentative comments will be deleted and those guilty parties blocked. That simple. I’m not saying it’s my way or the highway. I just simply told you to not argue publically with MY point of view.

For those of you that have been pining for a good old fashioned Michelle rant- pour some coffee, get some snacks, grab a piece of scrap paper and keep tally of them curse words, and buckle up buttercups.

…Blows dust and cobwebs off the rant machine and kicks it hard with her work boot… Lights flash and bells ding as it springs to life with a belch of exhaust and the gears start to purr…

Having boobs is…. A bad thing???

According to Merrium-Webster Dictionary:
Feminism: Noun
1.       Theory of the political, economic, & social equality of the sexes
2.        Organized activity on behalf of women’s rights & interests.

Do I believe in equal pay (for celebrities right down to me at the gas station) and equal rights (like making choices about my own body and god forbid if Mother Nature made the horrid mistake of giving me a baby)? Absolutely yes.
Does that make me a feminist? To a degree, yes it does.
Do I refuse to keep myself presentable (unshaved/ungroomed/no make-up) because men want me to look pretty? Nope. Nope not at all. If I’m not wearing make-up or a bra it’s because I want to. Besides- all that crap above is a bullshit stereotype of “feminist” built from a very small percentage of actual extremists. Otherwise known as labeling something someone is too lazy to educate themselves about (more on this later).

Stereotypes are the fuel for internet and public bullying. To be a feminist- you shouldn’t shave anything, hate men, wear no make-up, not keep a sociable level of personal hygiene, and be a lesbian. Not true. None of this is true!! Are there “extreme feminists” that subscribe to this aforementioned mentality? I’m fairly certain there are, otherwise why would the stereotype have been created? Actual feminism is being a woman (or man) that gives a damn and is willing to fight to have gender equality.

I’ve been slammed with the reality of such heinous stereotypes recently. I cut my hair. All of it. I had long blonde hair past my shoulders and I cut it all off. My head is cleanly shorn all the way around my head with a tuff of hair on top long enough to make girly and pretty and play with. Dramatic change, but a change I did for me. FOR ME. Stress from work had made my hair start to fall out again and I refused to go through that nightmare again like I had earlier this year, so I cut it all off.
Since I took the plunge and the big snip- I have been called “lesbian” by both coworkers and customers. “You look like you would be top bitch in a female prison…” or when a coworker bent over wearing her tight yoga pants a customer leered at her and winked at me… “You get what I’m thinking right? Like look at that… Wait I’m sure you do…” I’ve been called a fat pig dyke by keyboard commandos that I’m sure feel like super big men in their mommies basement. Because I have short hair. I’m all for LGBT rights, I am. And I have played the “she’s my girlfriend” at the bar a time or two to help a sister in need of an exit strategy from the creepy drunk. Am I offended? As a heterosexual woman being called a “Dyke” pisses me off, but not for myself. But for my lesbian friends, one being my best friend of 20 years, because this is a stereotype she/they have to face. Daily. It’s bullshit. It’s sick.

Politics and the new “it” word- Fascism.

Is our new president a maniacal, misogynistic, meglomanic? Absolutely- but I’d also like to point out he’s promised to do things good and bad for our country and while I didn’t vote for him- a lot of other’s did.

Is he a fascist? Time will tell. Only time will tell. As I only know what I learned in school, and can Google search from factual websites and have never lived under the rule of a “Fascist”- I can’t honestly give an opinion if he is or isn’t.

I don’t often voice my views on politics on this here blog, in person- yes. But rarely on social media do I voice my political views because I get shredded by “friends”. Friends to your face will just as soon burn you at the stake in the court of Facebook should you decide to be true to yourself and voice you’re opinion. Don’t like my opinion, either ask me privately whey I feel the way I do or un-f***ing-friend me. It’s that simple.

I did not vote for Trump. I voted Green party because honestly Hillary didn’t deserve my vote either. I couldn’t/can’t stomach the fact we now have a misogynist (not a new thing, he ALWAYS has been) reality TV star as commander in chief. He controls our military. Our powerhouse. We’re all now at the will of a mad man and that is terrifying! Can he, one man do much? Yes. The president’s signature is golden. Serious choices do have to be voted on by the house and senate, so there’s a saving grace. He can’t just hit the nuclear button because Putin pissed in his Wheaties.

In November- days before our election, I visited Ontario, Canada. Listening to conversations being held by Canadian citizens around me- the fact that we had to choose between Hillary and Trump was a joke to them! Probably more so now! It’s odd. I feel sorry for Canada and Mexico. I feel sorry for entire sovereign nations because it’s like this.

Imagine a bus. It’s packed full of people end to end. Each person represents a country. Canada and Mexico are seated in a three seat section with the unnaturally orange faced lunatic in between them. They can’t move, can’t switch seats- they are forced to sit with this crazy person, waiting in terror to see when he’ll snap.

I really hope he’s living up to the expectations to those that voted for him had. The rest of us are scared and furious. All of a sudden it seems “okay” to be a bully- because he is. It’s how he came to be who he is with the “fortune” he has amassed for himself and gained him the sad trophy wife he has that isn’t allowed to think or act for herself. It’s “okay” now to verbally and physically assault women- only if you shout afterwards “My President would want me to do this! Trump… Trump… Trump…”

A friend of mine on Facebook stepped in to stop the verbal abuse of women and was told “Go rub something soothing on his vulva and take a nap.” Because he stood up for a woman. Let that sink in how absolutely f***ing disgusting that is. He was basically called a “P****”. Being called a “P****” is an insult? While being called a “Dick” is a compliment?? Really??

Let’s get a little biological shall we? A woman’s body produces life. That specific part of a woman’s anatomy fits something equivalent to a watermelon though a hole the size of her fist. How is THAT weakness? Really? While an errant flick, kick, or misaligned zipper renders a full grown man into a whimpering puddle of human on the floor? I apologize for being graphic- however if you are this far into the blog and just now get offended? Clearly you missed the really big disclaimer at the top and brought your “being offended” on yourself, and I don’t care.

I do agree with one thing (ONE THING ONLY) thus far Trump has promised to do- seal our borders for a specific amount (to prove they are not terrorists and to be properly vetted by authorities) of time to refugees from nations wanting to blow us up (mind you, I had no idea Friday was going to be the day he put out the executive order banning not only refugees but everyone and generally piss off the entire nation and give the ACLU a huge wake up call). Are all of those refugees and people with dual citizenships terrorists? No, absolutely not at all. Are some of them actual living breathing plotting to blow our shit up terrorists- absolutely! And until there is a concrete method of sorting out the bad seeds from the good ones- don’t let them in. Period. I’m certain to some this makes me a “hatefully prejudice racist” (there’s that little thing called “Labeling” again).

But you know what? I have my reasons for my opinion. Mine. All mine! And until those of you that disagree with me on this point have walked through my shoes, deal with the PTSD and anxiety I suffer from, and experience that level of earth shattering event- just sit back down and shut the hell up. I had a center stage seat floor seat witnessing the single most horrible terrorist attack on American soil in history while the “up in arms for everyone’s cause but their own over privileged lifestyle millennials” sit in judgement calling folks like me a racist. The millennials judging myself and everyone else my age were in diapers or elementary school. They have no real memory of what we lived through that day. Their only perspective is that filtered through the eyes of their teachers and the biased history books our taxes pay for.

The terrorists didn’t hijack those airliners from airports across the Atlantic. No. They started their missions from American soil, didn’t they? Sure, the main objective and plan to undertake it came from head bad guy himself Bin Laden from the distant sandbox somewhere- but these guys that actually carried it out where already here in America. Sixteen years ago- if there were the restrictions on coming into our borders as Trump has planned to undertake now- 9-11 may not have actually happened. As far as my being a racist towards that particular sect of humanity- fine. Whatever. I do not think all Muslims are terrorists- you probably disagree and still think I’m a hateful racist. You’ll probably never be able to convince me that my opinion isn’t really f***ing valid.

(Enter mini side rant on Millennials… To sound like a decrepit farmer chewing on tobacco and rocking in a rocking chair while tumble weeds roll by… “Kids nowdays…” They suck. 80% of this Millennial generation are pathetic little people with absolutely NO work ethic. NO respect for others. ARE self-entitled little jerks that expect everything to be handed to them free of charge. The only members of the Millennial generation that have any self-dignity or worth are those that went into the military and learned how the world actually works by serving their country. And you want to know why I think we have raised such a useless generation of humanity?? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading this blog… We stopped spanking them as small children. We stopped spanking them and put them in “Time Outs” as punishment. We stopped demanding them to respect others and handed them a shiny piece of technology and let that raise them.

If I crossed my mother- I got smacked. With a fly swatter, with her hand across my backside, with her wooden garden clog. If I cursed- I got a mouthful of Dawn dish soap and told to hold it on my tongue for 2 minutes. If I sassed an adult- I got my backside smacked hard enough to sting and leave red welts and told to apologize immediately! By some fluke of Mother Nature’s cruel sense of humor- if I ever had children of my own- I would damn sure raise my kids with the same ethics. That’s not abuse- it’s called parenting!!! The Millennial generation is the fault of people getting lazy. So they are everyone’s fault.)

Fight for your Right- To be a Dickhead?? That’s not how the song goes…

Peaceful protests are fine. It’s our constitutional right to peacefully assemble and let our voices be heard. If you call your protest peaceful- then you shouldn’t fight the police, you shouldn’t destroy property. You should sit there and sing and chant and hold up signs. If you call your protest peaceful- then- news flash- it shouldn’t be a f***ing riot. You’re an idiot should you believe otherwise. Burning stuff, vandalism, attacking police officers- how exactly is that peaceful? More over how does that let anyone see how you believe in the cause you assembled for in the first place? No one can. Instead all everyone else sees is a bunch of idiot animals smashing the windows of Starbucks and flipping cars and burning American flags in the street. It says no particular rational towards “Black Lives Matter” or “Women’s Rights” or whatever the hell else cause people would assemble for. No, it says instead “We are immoral little self-righteous a**holes that are throwing a temper tantrum because we didn’t get what we want!!”

Acting like a violently obnoxious little child that’s willing to destroy other’s property pretending you’re taking part in a peaceful protest while hiding under the label of “Freedom of Speech”- you deserve to get a face full of mace and arrested. You really do. I think the medieval punishment of nude tar and feathering while being forced to clean up the mess you made, allowing everyone around to you laugh and scorn you- that should still be a thing. It really should.

Labels- not like USDA, more like he’s a Nazi…

Giving something a label is popular. Don’t want to waste time getting to know someone, or do a little research on something you don’t understand?? Label it something catchy with a misconstrued definition. Make it flashy and catchy otherwise you’re just another drunk in the bar.
Weather too cold? Because, you know... Winter?- “So much for Global Warming…”
Weather too hot? Because, you know… Summer?- “Something’s got to be done about Global Warming…”

No- you stark raving moron- that’s called basic meteorology. Ya know- those people on TV. That get paid to science and stuff? I’m sure global warming has an effect on seasonal changes but it isn’t the root cause for summer days in the 80’s and winter days in the 10’s. That’s because of the sun and the moon and Earth rotating on their ecliptics… Wait… I’m sorry… You’re too lazy to educate yourself. I can tell because you think calling a random gas station clerk “Baby” is cute and you have oversized “truck nuts” dangling from you shitty Chevrolet’s rear bumper.


Let’s play with popular labels shall we?? Just to illustrate how easy it is to label something. Woman with short hair and maybe forgot to shave her body parts this morning (or ever)- Lesbian/Feminazi. Woman that voices her educated opinion- Bitch. Woman that maybe enjoys sex- Slut/Whore. Obese- Fat/Fatty/Cow/Pig. Person of Middle Eastern or Arabic decent- Terrorist. Person that served our armed forces- Murderer. Transgender people- Sick/Disgusting/Queer. Homosexuals- Gay/Homo/Dyke/Fag. Special Needs person- Retard. One I have grown used to wearing with pride- person of Dutch decent- Hollander. Person of substantial wealth that fake bakes and spray tans- Orange Faced Shit Gibbon… Wait- dammit. That last one’s true right??

I’ve been called a lot of things. I’ve been labeled. Bitch. C**t. Slut (that’s a funny one to me honestly). Hollander. Retard. Racist. Fat. Lesbian. Kid (not like, awe- you’re my kid. But like- you are an inexperienced naive little shit).  Am I any of these? Dunno. I have my opinions on whom I am and my own great lack of self-confidence to back these up. Am I guilty of “labeling” someone? Yup. Not going to lie. But by no means- that doesn’t make it right. But to be called these things by people that have a desire to add shock value to their failing conversations with friends is bad form. Labels are insults. They don’t make you cool. They make you an a**hole.

This is my blog. Mine. This is my safe environment where I share my life’s details, my points of view, my artistic insanity, and my dealings with anxiety. I don’t sit down once a week and invest time in writing a blog post for shock value or to seek attention. I really don’t. I want people to get to know me, who I really am past my public blustery personae that I have created to keep myself safe. This is my being transparent. My true, real friends know who I am and love me for it. They understand where I’m coming from. They know I only write posts like this very rarely now, but when I do- it’s because I am fed up with being talked over and bullied. I am actually very pleased to live my life with people not looking at me. It makes my socially awkward, no self confidence little girl insides feel better. But for some reasons, people like reading this blog, so I will keep writing this.

I honestly hope no one unfriends me after this post. Perhaps if you feel compelled to unfriend me- then maybe we actually weren’t friends. Maybe I’ll get lucky and some of you will friend me. That would be pretty cool too- at least then I know I’m not a complete nutjob with radical points of view. Sorry (not sorry) this post was so intense everyone… The next one will be happier.


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