Colorful Quickie

Just a quickie post to day to show off what my last few days has entailed. I managed a four day straight round of work (almost 30 hours in four days- not being allowed to take more then a 5-7 minute break every two hours) after only getting 12 hours scheduled per week for whatever petty reason my manager had. And after taking care of my body to make the pain go away- I dyed my hair pink to return to whom I really feel I am and got cranking out on the artwork. It's been rainy all week here in the Mitten, and today we have sunlight finally!!! Hence the quickie post.

Started playing with the layering of my acrylic inks and water colors an incorparating my "Faces" series into them.

Returning to my unicorn self for a least a little while (4 days). I think I'm starting to get the hang of this selfie thing. 

What eating breakfast with an artist looks like in this house. I sometime can't even stop drawing long enough to eat. Good thing I have two hands. 

Morganna being the ever helpful little kitty turd that she is. 

When part of our living room doubles as artwork storage. 

Let's take a selfie while working... 

Again- Morganna helping mommy- this time by holding down the artwork in fear of a phantom wind blowing through the kitchen at some point. This was moments before I realized the weird smell in the kitchen was in fact Morganna's tail as she had gotten too close to the lit candles on the table.

I wrapped up the "Alice in Wonderland" series Thursday evening... Full series is over on my website in the Multi-Media Arts section (link at the end of this blog) 

More random work on the "Faces" series and showing off where I usually throw the paint down on paper. 

I found a handful of this large shells at Goodwill last week and have since painted four of them. Why? I have no idea, but they turned out pretty and ended up being a great place to lay out my glass sun-catchers until I hang them back up in the windows. 

Last night, when my poor tired Hubby finally got to come home- he helped me take this photo of myself. It's been a thought rattling around in my head, as I have fashioned myself a unicorn (which is also one of my nicknames)... But I wanted it to show a unicorn in her off time... This happened. And it's amazing.

But- like I mentioned earlier- it is sunny. In Michigan. In January- which very rarely happens. It is also over 50 degrees outside with no snow. So- I am going to grab a beer, my photography notebook, my flip flops, and curl up in a sun puddle on my front porch and enjoy this beautiful day!!
Thanks for looking!!!

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