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Hot Button Topics Viewed by a Unicorn...

I rarely speak my mind on politics or hot button issues, because let’s face it everyone has an opinion on this matter and no one ever agrees with anyone else. But when I do decide on that rare occasion- like now, I never go off half-cocked without doing research into the topics I wish to discuss. I currently have two pages of notes and six pages of rough draft that has been looked at, gone over, ripped apart, built back up and fact checked. Will it be offensive? Pretty certain it will be. If you are of fragile sensibility you probably shouldn’t be reading this at all. Will I be using vulgar language and be graphic in nature? Most definitely. Am I seeking others to be in agreeance with me or approve of me? No. I could care less. These are MY OPINIONS backed up by research. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH- MY OPINONS, MY EXPERIENCES. I firmly believe in being honest to those of you that spend time reading my thoughts and craziness. If cursing offe…

Colorful Quickie

Just a quickie post to day to show off what my last few days has entailed. I managed a four day straight round of work (almost 30 hours in four days- not being allowed to take more then a 5-7 minute break every two hours) after only getting 12 hours scheduled per week for whatever petty reason my manager had. And after taking care of my body to make the pain go away- I dyed my hair pink to return to whom I really feel I am and got cranking out on the artwork. It's been rainy all week here in the Mitten, and today we have sunlight finally!!! Hence the quickie post.
Started playing with the layering of my acrylic inks and water colors an incorparating my "Faces" series into them.

Returning to my unicorn self for a least a little while (4 days). I think I'm starting to get the hang of this selfie thing. 
What eating breakfast with an artist looks like in this house. I sometime can't even stop drawing long enough to eat. Good thing I have two hands. 
Morganna being …

Lifting the Camera Again- Day in the City

Not going to lie- I haven't taken any images of quality or purpose since my last paid shoot in early December. I'm not certain what invisible mental hang up prevented me from finding a reason to use my camera, but it was there and it happened.

Yesterday, Hubby took me to a fashion exhibit at the Grand Rapids Art Museum- one I have honestly wanted to see since it opened in October but didn't find time to go see until only yesterday. I know- last minute much? Before we took off bound for Grand Rapids (Gees- I made that sound like it's a four hour trip didn't I? Nope, that would be Canada. Grand Rapids is about 15 minutes from my house)- we had lunch at my favorite place. Myself ordering what I get every single time I go to Panera- the romaine/kale salad with chicken- because I am lame and I love it.

Even before we left the house I made an agreement with Hubby- actually more of a demand. "Make me shoot today... Make me take pictures of everything. You see somethi…