Photo Wish List for 2017

As promised... These are my ideas, my concepts for my photography in 2017... Which ones should I focus on? Which ones do you want to see me accomplish? Models- which ones do you want to do?? Yes- these means leave comments... Or e-mail me... Or both....

As I stated last year when I did this- yes some may see my ideas and “steal” them. Oh well. I have the concepts in my mind and others won’t shoot the same thing I will shoot. If any photographers (pending my approval of course) wants to work with me on any of these concepts- just ask. Worse I can say is “No”. Have at it, if you are unoriginal enough to take someone else’s list as your ideas- you probably suck in more ways then just one.

Some are carried over from 2016, some are mudane, some are my attempts to seriously up my photography game, and some are returning to where I started…

Rainbow Make-Up
Rainbow Hair
More Powered Paint/ Glitter Shoots
Complete at least one 30/31 Day Photo Challenge
Buy Another Bathtub for Outside & Use It!!
Backlit Silhouettes
Lots of Water Reflections & Be Aware of Them in Images
Use Free Lensing More
Use a Thunderstorm as a Backdrop
Multiple Water Shoots, All Times of the Day
Do a shoot in a Cemetery
Learn, Practice & Create lots of Double Exposure Images
Expand my Landscapes & Sunset Collections
More Snow Shoots
Model Shoot or Urban Exploring Brush Park/Detroit
Model Shoot in Silver Lake Sand Dunes
Model Shoot in Rosy Mound Natural Area
Black & White Fine Art Nudes with Two Female Models
Broken Mirror/Fragmented Reflections
Expand DIY Photography Portfolio
Collect at least 4, 7 Yard Lengths of Fabric for Shoots & Create a Series
Playing with Fire: use as Focus Point/Backdrops/ Accent to Images…
                Use a Burning Book, Burning Newspaper, & Burning Autumn Leaves.

                Use a Burning Bouquet of Roses, Fire Wire, Use a Mirror as Surface & Reflections of Fire.


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