And So Winds Down Another Year...

A little addendum to yesterday's blog post- yes I am bitter and mad about the situation. However I do have a lot of cherished memories from my three years experience, I have amazing friends that I cherish meeting because of and at that event and I wouldn't trade any of them for anything. Those two things out weigh the anger and frustration. I know my post was probably three shades of rage laced with bitterness, but don't for a second think I regret any of it.

Carrying on... (in the back of my mind I hear Kansas' song lyrics... "My Wayward Son, there'll be peace when you are done...Lay you're weary head to rest, don't you cry no more..." Yes- I love that song. Also- for what it's worth- Gordon Lightfoot is an amazing Canadian Crooner! Don't judge me!)

I make lists. For everything. Grocery lists, to do lists, ideas list, lists of art work commissions... If it requires thought, and let's face facts- my brain isn't exactly the safest place for random thoughts to wander about- I write everything down so I don't get distracted by shiny objects and lose that thought forever.

So- with my penchant for creating lists- I have written down three. I have been working on them for about three weeks now and have finally sat down and typed them up. With a chug of Monster and biting the proverbial bullet (not actually doing that- I have strawberry gum in my mouth instead)- I'm prepared to share them. I don't do resolutions. Those suck. You never carry thru with them and always feel f***ing miserable when you break one. So I write "New Year's Goals" instead. This isn't anything new. I've done this for the past five or so years... Here's two of my three lists... The third of which, the big one- the fun one... Stay tuned for that. I'll probably post that much closer to New Years!!

Most Important One First. It's the shortest of the 3 lists, but each item is more difficult to admit much less accomplish. LIFE GOALS FOR 2017:
Make a list of promises to myself and hang it in the bedroom.
Daily yoga- 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 45 minutes- WHATEVER!!
Get the hell OUT OF RETAIL!
Get back into a vitamin/smoothie regimen (not just when I think of it).
Stress less.
Get Quantum Entanglement, SUN/M, Maple Leaf, Aperture, and start half sleeve tattoos.
Blog more.
Start a physical journal.
Read pages from SC's quote book each day.
Get healthier mentally & physically.
Perhaps seek a little professional help getting the brain right.

De-clutter house- room by room. Throw out junk. Clean the basement.

Teach a class (Art or Photography).
Blog more (Not exactly daily- but at least bi-weekly).
Keep up with the website & Facebook page.
Sell something!
Doodle a day.
Weekly challenge doodles (via FB Page).
One paid ad for FB page every 2 months.
Enter two art shows.
Make a list of uplifting quotes & put it in view of desk.
Tattoo Apprentice ???
Get prints made of pieces & sell them.
Do a run of tee shirts & sell them.
Do a series of instant photographs.
Organize external hard drives!!
Break out of my boundaries & try something new.
Add something to the photography/art notebook at least once a week.
Go back to Ontario and photograph everything!
Get back into a studio.
Renovate front hall and create house art studio.

Here's where ya'll come in. Push me. Support me. Get me out of my comfort zone and put a boot in my ass to accomplish this shit! E-mail me or message me- "Hey... So... That blog, did ya forget about it?" or "Dudette- it's been three weeks- I know you've been doodling, photo taking... Update the site already!" No excuses. Help me out here!!!

For reference these are the two sites I need to keep up with:

Also- in case you need it... 
My business e-mail (for those not privileged enough to have my personal email)

Stay tuned and thank you for still reading my tales of a chaotic and creative life... Merry Christmas!!


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