A Few of My Favorite Video Things...

Might not want to have the volume turned up on the work computer for a few of these, trust me I will warn you!! I want to give ya'll an deeper look (like I don't dig deep enough as it is on here) into what I like. What I'm usually doing when photo editing gets boring or I need inspiration for a shoot- I'm on Youtube. And it's fun. For starters- my favorite videos I have saved on my computer. I have found viable Youtube links for all those interested in taking a peek.

Non-Music Related Favorites!!

Close up of a Tornado in Wray, CO. Shot by one of my favorite storm chasers and Michigan native Reed Timmer. *note- little bit of naughty language.
Close Up to a Tornado

Mother Nature and destruction... Awesome!
Train vs. Tornado

The F*** is this?

A random search on Youtube yielded me this gem. This is now what I call "Photography Porn". I Youtube serach photography videos which led me to COOPH (Check out their channel here... COOPH Photography Cooperative) Does this make me a nerd or a shade geeky- most likely. But! I've learned amazing things from both of these videos and my photography is better for it. Plus- come on ladies... It's Benedict Cumber-yummmmm- I mean Cumberbatch. Sorry.... Drooling...
Photographer Jason Bell Benedict Cumberbatch for Vanity Fair

Because when stuff blows up, it makes me smile. And yes- that may make me some sort of psychopath that this video pulls me out of a foul mood. Filmed by various armed forces- like duh... ***RED FLAG! RED FLAG!! OF-FREAKING-COURSE THERE'S BAD LANGUAGE!!
JDAMS (I.E. Stuff Blowing Up)

Okay- now here we go into the favorite songs/music video portion of the program. Ones with bad language have been noted below. Others, well, if you listen to these at work or in the presence of other's worse case- they will judge you based on musical preference.

Sia- Cheap Thrills Performance Edit

I wanna do a photo shoot in a church now!!! Please??? Please someone make this happen!!!
Florence + The Machine Drumming Song

Yes. I do indeed like Scandinavian Goth Rock music. From this one group- like three songs max. Well- there was that dark time in high school senior year that I was all Rammstein all the time... But let's not go into that, shall we?
The Rasmus In the Shadows

This is a super long movie type music video with some of that ***naughty type language. And yes, may have been a tad bit of inspiration for a photo shoot I did a couple years ago involving caution tape :)
Lady Gaga Telephone feat. Beyonce (Long Version)

London Grammer Hey Now

I do know the dance moves to this song by heart and have actually done them in public places upon hearing this song. I haven't seen Christopher Walken ever the same since seeing the video when the song first came out way back when... And will never, ever not see him in this video when this song is played.
Fat Boy Slim Weapon of Choice

All the goosebumps. All over. My gawd.... this song... Just.... um... yeah. I like it. Like a lot... In a very "special" way....
Chris Issak Wicked Game

Same with this one...
Def Leppard Hysteria

And this one...
Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar on Me

Oh. And this one too...
Pet Shop Boys Love ETC

This lady right here- is amazeballs. Seriously. Her music is just... phenomenal.
Lindsey Stirling Elements

DJ Snake Major Lazer Lean On

I love any and all Enya music. And Yanni. Yes- I heard you roll your eyes. I'd say give New Age music a chance, but you've already made up your minds... So- whatever. I grew up listening to them both so this kind of music is a part of me.
Enya Echoes in Rain

Know of a video I should check out? Tell me! Know me well enough that I missed something on this list?? Tell me that to!!! Leave a comment!!!


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