Musically Me...

SC did this for his own life in one photograph. And I loved the concept. So much so that my overly analytical brain created lists in my photography bible notebook (it's two comp notebooks taped and glued together and its under the animal brush to the right of the Nascar ball cap in the image)... I wanted to make sure I covered all the bases- my writing, my art, my photography, my modeling, my love of music and color... So I took to the task of collecting things that were essentially me. Jewelry, bits of nature I've collected and love to collect, essential tools to my various crafts... And after staging these carefully on the kitchen table Hubby made me for Mother's Day, out of re-purposed woods last touched by my grand father or great grand father- I took the first picture. Yes. I took more then one- like 100 of them actually to catch the right light, the right distance and perspective and I edited this one.

This image is a guide to knowing me. Pretty much everything you need to know about me, my story, my life is in this image. After posting it on Facebook- I received messages about that archaic little silver thing on top of the Marine Corps tee shirt near the bottom left... To those of you to young to know what that is- it's an iPod. 5th Generation. We had those before we downloaded gigabyte upon gigabyte of music onto our phones. That iPod is pretty much my entire being. I always have it with me. It's my refuge at work when I'm alone in the cooler. It's the replacement for my lack of a radio in my truck. It's how I fall asleep at night. It breaks open my creative (or yoga) flow when plugged into my mini speaker. It's background noise and mood setting when we burn stuff in the driveway. It's how I chill out or get amped up daily.

I create playlists like I used to spend hours creating mix tapes on Saturday evenings as a kid. Listening to "Open House Party" on 104.5. Headphones plugged into my huge triple tape deck stereo (that also had a record player on the top to add extra tunes if needed) that filled the bottom of my bunk bed, stacks of blank tapes, colored pens, and I created magic for my Walkman. I had tapes for different things. Studying, bike rides, beach walks, the ride to school, the ride home from school, stuff I like listening to when I wrote. I had one of those tape case things- it was four feet tall and filled with mix tapes I had made!

What my iPod looks like now...

"Brain Adrenaline" is my go to playlist for driving, cleaning house, random dance by myself/sing out loud parties, daily stuff. "Hugh Laurie" is my slow down and chill with a glass of bourbon music. "Danny Elfman"- that's when I miss Halloween. "Take the Edge Off" and "New Age Classics" that's yoga time and sleepy time tunes. "Jan Hammer"- he is the music composer to the entire series "Miami Vice". Lots of 80's wonderfulness and splendor mixed with huge amounts of synthisizers. Yes... Yes there is a "Canada" playlist. 

Right now- this playlist is on heavy rotation. Like, I'm talking- "I have other playlists? Really?!" I made this for the bus ride to and from for my trip earlier this month. And I am constantly listening to it when I'm working on my computer- especially while working on editing pictures I took over there. I'm certain I will keep it. I'm certain I'll add to it, but for right now it's pretty damn perfect. Given the numbers in the right column in the picture- you can see the favorite songs on the list.

But... unfortunately I have to cut this blog short... Must get ready for work this afternoon. Time to crank my "Sia" playlist and get stuff done :)


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