Ketchup Time!!!

Cloud Porn as a form of optimism...
As I write this I am sitting at my parents kitchen table in hopes of finally finishing the bullshit two day process of updating Windows 10 (they have high speed wifi- I would too if the wifi comapny would call me back so we could set up a time for install- however they have not)- not something I wanted by choice, but rather something Bill Gates and his little over paid minions decided for me. Jerks. I check the staus bar every fifteen minutes and swear I die a little more inside seeing it's gone up exactly a percent... As of right now- 4% installed/downloaded.  I hate Bill Gates. I hate Microsoft Windows 10. Burn it. Burn it all.

Hartwick Pines
This is a park dead center of the Mitten about an hour south of the big bridge. It holds within it the oldest last remaining old growth pine forest in the state. And it's absolutely beautiful. Hubby and I took the two and a half hour car ride north for his birthday last week. It was amazing!!! We even had a picnic lunch near one of the glacier left behind lakes :)
(Before you say anything- in your head, out loud... Yes. I have a thing for photographing fungus. Don't judge me.)

Spider Webs
Spiders. Outside in the weeds... Amazing. In my house? Kill it, smash it, make it dead. Being out in the sticks... we have lots of different Orb Weaver spiders and with dew on the webs early in the morning- makes for a lot of fun!!!

These are my kick ass morning glories!!!

And then I get bored and play around with quotes I find on Pinterest and Photoshop...

Updates and Upgrades will be coming soon to the website as we will finally be getting high speed wifi here at the house next week. So stay tuned!!! The following week there will be a shoot fest happening unlike an other I have ever been a part of and lots of magic will be happening... LOTS!!! Guranteed new galleries on the website will be developed because of it. Like I said- stay tuned!!


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