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By definition:
Atelophobia; the fear of not being good enough.

For me, it isn't so much a fear as it is a way of life. Hubby and I had a long conversation on a car ride last night about another opportunity granted to me. Gonna keep it a secret for now until something comes to fruition. He asked why I seemed hesitant instead of elated. Why I seemed shy and scared, actually. My perspective- while it is an amazing opportunity granted to me. It is out of the blue and seemingly "free". Nothing is every free. There is always a price be it immediate or over a long course of time... There is always a price.

He suggested that maybe I've finally earned it. That I've been through enough, worked hard enough, have gotten good enough that somehow I have finally earned this. I started to tear up behind my Blues Brother's sunglasses and shook my head. "But I'm not good enough... Never have been, probably never will be." That was all I could force out before the…

Crazy, Crooked Road I'm On...

Top off that cup of coffee... Turn up some good music... Grab some candy (I suggest Milk Duds, because they are f***ing awesome) and get ready for a massive update filled with funny stuff, pretty pictures, and the formal introduction of my significant Canadian (because no one has real names here...)
Much Needed and Long Art(ist) Updates:
This is what the living room looked like when Hubby and I laid our all my best sketches to put into a portfolio. Why? Well, if not soley to have my most recent, favorite works of art in one place rather then in this folder here, that sketchbook over here, in the brown cover sketchbook- dammit I have four of them... Shit. Well maybe it's in the purple folder with the unicorn on it... Nope it's in the sketchbook I take to work- duh... But because I am playing with the idea of a tattoo artist apprenticeship. Carving my art into flesh on paying victims. There is a tattoo shop next to my work and the guys have "busted" me (as I call it) d…