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*Warning! You might want to grab some tissues as this is a very, VERY difficult blog to read this time around... Hell it's taken me close to three weeks to find the words...*

Grief is a funny thing. It makes you cry. It makes you hurt. It makes you laugh while crying. It makes you talk to someone or something that isn't there just so you don't feel nearly as alone as you actually are. It grabs your throat and squeezes the air out until you can't breath. Or smacks you hard across the face out of the clear blue sky and you're completely leveled when you were fine five minutes ago.

On August 20th Hubby and I took Sienna for her last car ride. Since about the second week of July, her hips started to fail her. She had good days and she had bad. After a couple chiropractic appointments the arthritis in her hips worsened greatly. We put her on all sorts of herbals and twice daily aspirin treatments and she had seemed to get better. July turned to August and she got bad ag…