Secret Passwords, No Sleep, and Slow Rains...

Yesterday closed another year well done at SWMCCC “Summer Weekend of Photography”. Over six months of planning, one month of intense as hell stress (culminating in my horrid stress eating specifically the last two weeks, I may or may not have an addiction to gas station rollergrill food fare.)- it’s all done. And today- my body is reminding me of how much “fun” recuperating can actually be.  Four days of non-stop walking around (sometime at high speeds), virtually no sleep (if it was less than an hour’s worth, I consider it non-existent. If lying awake, listening to others sleeping peacefully while staring at the ceiling trying to make logic of the stucco pattern for four hours happened- no sleep. Admittedly so, I was too stubborn to have changed that situation.), the consumption of enough Monster and Red Bull a smaller, less stubborn human would have died from cardio-vascular explosion, eating but not really enough to sustain me for any length of time, and then there was the de-stress drinking off campus (in fairly large quantity…) My body today feels like that of an 80 year old. Creaky, cracky, sore, and possibly sick.

However- after two 40 minute rounds of yoga today and a 15 minute “dance it out” break (in between laundry, emails, and editing) things are feeling better. Post SWMCCC goal number one is get the f*** back on track with yoga. With the new job starting and getting used to new hour schedules right smack dab in the middle of crunch time for this past weekend- yoga grew to be an “awe hell… I got no time for that s***…” situation. Not anymore. No more SWMCCC work to do until at least November (as far as planning. The arrival and dispersal of images, totally different story) so the focus goes back onto me and my physical well-being.

Now for the recap… Stressful. Best word to use to describe 50% of this weekend. When one plan came together, two more fell to shit in a heartbeat. One model gets to campus flawlessly- two more got lost or cancelled (for fairly good reason). One mildly successful shoot occurred- two more evaporated or were cancelled due to weather. Mother Nature- totally on my bad side after this weekend. It was the first time in at least five years (definitely my three years) shoots had to be relocated indoors due to storms. However- Saturday gave us a seriously f***ing fabulous thunderstorm. I sat at the window in my room starting at the first crack of thunder at 3:30am watching the clouds darken, wind blow, and lightning sizzle across the sky. Wrapped up in my chicken quilt with good music pumping thru my ear-buds… Sleep hell…. That was more relaxing.

I did find something this weekend. I found the cool breeze, destressing Ying to my super-heated agitated Yang in a really awesome friend. He figured out when my anxiety bubble was about to burst and let me have a few minutes phone free walking laps around campus listening to my tunes. I’d honestly be far worse off if I hadn’t had him there. Words can’t even explain how grateful I am and I’m not about to massacre the concept with words beyond that.
Honestly- let’s turn to the visual aids, shall we??? Easier to explain with pictures as my brain is still foggy and distracted as hell.

Last minute prep work- model packets and packing. Otherwise know as- seriously, I will be coming home again, so why does it look like I am moving out? Sidebar- it did in fact all fit in the car.

Welcome to Dorm Life-
There's waterproof mattress', crunchy towels, and odd floor stains.

Far Left: Creative Communications Central, home of Deadpool, Doodles, and one hella great iTunes playlist.
Center: The view from my window (fyi- blinds should be closed if one showers or changes clothes).
Far Right: My thunderstorm perch Saturday morning.

My shared bathroom with my most excellent co-coordinator. Also home to the coffee pot that was life's blood when Monster just didn't fit the bill.

Welcome to Maas- you're new creative home for photos and fun!!

The look on my face? A combination of "WTF is even happening right now." and "Wut" (the proper phonetic spelling of how I actually felt).
Left: So models can be pretty and vulgar!!
Right: I'm a tad vain and love seeing my name in somewhat offical print :)
One tiny bathroom, three models, and more make-up then the mall.

Morning of day three of no sleep- "I don't know my name, where I am, who's bed this is, or what time it is."

"Super Cheesey"

This was taken on a little private field trip when the drizzles and grey clouds couldn't stop the stir crazies. This is what a professional looks like... Not the faded unicorn goofball above.

Social Media Comes Alive with Behind the Scenes... 

Yes- these are not my pictures- these are screen shots, because- like I said... I am a tad bit vain and absolutely fricken' adore seeing pictures of me while I'm taking pictures. Most photographers don't for whatever reason- but me? I love them. I really, really hope there's more images like this... Because- I dig that s***.

Final Product- These are mine. All Mine!!!!

Did someone say Pokemon??? For real... this is a Poke stop!!

Left: How one should actually use this particular set.
Right: How Mama Unicorn decides to use this particular set.

Home Again, Home Again...
A little hair of the dog- Dragon's Milk by New Holland Brewing Company, and wonderful new magnet given to me from my model friends, and dumping the card from my camera.

I got halfway unpacked before the beer kicked in and my sleep meter bottomed out. After a refreshing four hour nap and the dinner only a 5 year old could cherish- I finished laundry and unpacking last night.

To end the weekend- a most spectacular sunset here are home.


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