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Slamming the Door and Opening a Window

Life: Walking Away into the Rainbow of Possibilities-
My body is detoxing. I am drinking a lot of water and doing yoga and stretches and just plain old cleaning out my system. Why? Because I have to. My retail job is no more. After getting screamed at constantly the straw breaker was getting screamed at because our recent new hire messed up her computer sign in stuff. “You never did it like I told you to! You’re too stubborn! This isn’t the Michelle show! This isn’t do things how Michelle wants to do them. I swear you’re just too stupid to work here…” I was then off work for five days. This was two weeks ago. I thought a lot about where things sat over the course of those five days. Could we afford it if I quit and couldn’t find a job right away? What if I held in there a little longer- rumor had it things were going to change in the fall. Could I wait that long? More of my hair is falling out and I am up to 6 Bach’s Rescue Remedy stress tabs per shift when I work with big boss man. I…