My Name's Blurryface & I Care What You Think...

Pardon the title of this post- its a lyric from the song that best sums up my life currently.

The windows of the house are opened up and various rooms are scented with bouquets of hyacinths and daffodils. Laundry is snapping in the breeze on the line and my skin tingles with the first kiss of sunlight while gardening for the first time this year. My muscles are also singing a familiar song of needing ibuprofen from raking. Neighborhood children are playing with their kites. And of course- there is the delicious smell of freshly spread cow poop. Spring has finally sprung (we think) here in the Mitten. But then again thee long range forecast is screaming for rain/snow mix on Saturday so… There’s that.

This is the big week!! My first attempt at teaching happens on Thursday!! I think I am freaking out a little bit. I know how to do what I do- don’t get me wrong. The articulating how to do what I do to other people (especially those I don’t know) is terrifying!!! Like nightmares I showed up to school or work naked- terrifying!! Someone was supposed to teach me how to teach and unfortunately he passed away before he could. But I have memories on how he taught. I have watched my hubby teach a couple classes (completely un-related EMS stuff), however I watched how he taught and picked up pointers. I will have Hubby there to assist with the powdered paint. I will have two AWESOME MODELS- (see them naked below J ) that are great friends there to support me. Or make fun of me- whatever happens- happens. I have copies of my lesson plan printed (courtesy of the dude at Office Max that totally charged me wrong for my copies and I got them super duper cheap because of it)… I have a brand new box of powder paints set out, along with enough cheap white bed sheets to refloor my house two times over. I even painted a little color chart (and by little I mean 16’ x 24’ canvas) to help illustrated the color education portion of the class before I turn them loose with the cameras and hubby with the paints. I haven’t picked out my outfit and I haven’t rehearsed. But… maybe rehearsing isn’t so much a thing- off the cuff could be a benefit.

Other than that… Life has been constant. Constant changes. Constant bouts of stress. Constantly constant. With my new situation at the studio- being admin and now instructor- windows are opening and the idea of making a little extra money is hopeful. I have been working on getting things situated for SWMCCC Summer Weekend this year. I have been shooting a lot between a paid gig Saturday and a group shoot in a bucket list location the Sunday before this just passed. Then there are the random fun shoots like the Crazy Sexy Studio Night a couple weeks ago and when a girlfriend comes to hang out and you end up wading to your knees in flood waters taking pretty pictures. Yes- we are crazy- but that’s why I am so much fun working with.

Beauty With Brains Group Shoot: State Theater Kalamazoo, MI
This is a bucket list location of mine. I. Love. This. Place. There will certainly be more images from this shoot posted as I get them edited :)

Mature Model Management Shoot:
This was the paid gig I did Saturday for a friend's modeling agency for 40+ year old models. Of course her son had to get in on the action.

Crazy Fun Sexy Studio Night:

I love this group of models I get the honor of calling my friends. When I want to play around with silouettes and deer antlers- they are up for it. And the shots turn out amazing!! More to come from this evening's shoot.

Bitch on the Bayou- named by the model in the images. We just had way too much fun playing in flood waters, crossing roped off boat ramps just to get a better image :)


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