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When Life Hands You Lemons.... Get the Vodka!

I am feeling especially philosophical today. So I will apologize now for my variations of “wise man once say…”-isms of course written my way. Realizing what happened at the close of my shift on Wednesday didn’t go as planned- AT ALL. In fact it probably only could have gone slightly worse, but only slightly (imagine me barely holding my thumb and index finger apart far enough to slide a piece of paper thru)- that slightly worse? Being terminated on the spot.  Given how I am currently feeling about working with you know who tomorrow- that would be a merciful death at this point. Instead- I have to walk into work tomorrow- plastering a fake smile on my face for the customers. But while I am fake happy worker- I know that what I had done Wednesday pretty much dumped a cart of landmines right in the only path available to take between the really big rock and the steep 300 foot cliff. What did I do?
I requested that my hours be dropped to 14 hour (absolute max of 16) from May 1st thru Sep…

My Name's Blurryface & I Care What You Think...

Pardon the title of this post- its a lyric from the song that best sums up my life currently.
The windows of the house are opened up and various rooms are scented with bouquets of hyacinths and daffodils. Laundry is snapping in the breeze on the line and my skin tingles with the first kiss of sunlight while gardening for the first time this year. My muscles are also singing a familiar song of needing ibuprofen from raking. Neighborhood children are playing with their kites. And of course- there is the delicious smell of freshly spread cow poop. Spring has finally sprung (we think) here in the Mitten. But then again thee long range forecast is screaming for rain/snow mix on Saturday so… There’s that.

This is the big week!! My first attempt at teaching happens on Thursday!! I think I am freaking out a little bit. I know how to do what I do- don’t get me wrong. The articulating how to do what I do to other people (especially those I don’t know) is terrifying!!! Like nightmares I showed …