Photography Wish List (Bucket List for 2016)

New Year- new outlook on my artistic life. I know, I know- you’re thinking- Dude- It’s March! However with my anxiety riddle cranium- thus far given new homeopathic remedies and lots of yoga- seems to be under control- things have been rattling around like crazy amongst the mental cobwebs. In my photography- I want to try things, to play. I feel a bit disconnected with who I am as a photographer since I lost my mentor in October and I want that feeling to go away. I have only done a handful of shoot since then- a few of them were absolutely amazing... I want to do that more- to feel that amazing natural high of taking breathtaking images. I want to feel comfortable behind the lens again and not hesitent or worse- stupid like I have for a few months now. I want to take some of those many ideas I have been pinning on my Pinterest boards and actually start shooting them!! So let’s put my list out there and see how many victims- er people, bite on them shall we???

I want to do more water shoots. Not so much the typical beach as much as stream in the woods or forest surrounded lake at sunrise… I shot it once at the tail end of last summer last year with a fantastic model and I want to do it again and again and again! Sunrise, midday, sunset, twilight…

I want to do a series of black and white fine art nude bodyscapes of female models. I want to play with lights and composition. I want to say “Let’s try this… Hmm, well, let’s do it again but add this or change this…”

I want to drive to Detroit and go urban exploring with a willing model.

I want to use an octopus (or squid) in a photo shoot. I know where to buy one.

I want to photograph someone or many someone’s with dreadlocks.

I want to play with glitter and color! Like powdered paint and glitter in a balloon and popping.

I want to photograph a gorgeous model or a couple in a coffee shop or just out about town- lifestyle / street photography like.

I want to do photography in my wildflower garden at sunset.

I want to expand my sunset photography- like at the beach where I’ve done it a handful of times and love it.

I want to use a thunderstorm as a backdrop in a photo shoot.

I want to do a photo session in a cemetery.

I want to learn new skills and do a series of amazing female bodyscapes and create double exposure images with some of my fantastic nature photography.

I want to photograph a mother breast feeding her child. Not because it is taboo- but because it is beautiful and needs to be shown as such. Not something sexual society needs to shun.

I want to take a day trip with someone who doesn’t mind playing model and explore and photograph everything.

I want to photograph something including blowing soap bubbles.

I want to use my “fire wire/ fire spinning” as a backdrop in a photo shoot.

I want to get back to where I started in my photography- I want to do more Suicide Girls-esque boudoir photography in wild, beautiful locations.

I want to experiment with shooting at night… With a thunderstorm lighting up the sky if possible.

Lots of ideas… I know. Some are mundane- some are crazy (I’m sure to someone out there)… Am I afraid of putting out there my wish list of photo shoots? Sure. But then again- even I someone rips off my ideas- they won’t shoot them like I shoot them. Everyone has their own style, their own method and mine differs from this guy, or the next guy. I know different locations then someone else and so on and so forth. So- now that my photography bucket list is out there… Who wants to try what??? But the time snow falls in winter of 2016- I want at least half of this list accomplished!!!


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