Foods for Thought....

My Hubby and I often have the conversation while we are grocery shopping together (something we actually enjoy and rarely get to do anymore due to crazy shifting work schedules). We discuss and giggle about all the foods I've decided I like now that "I've grown up and married a gourmet chef..." Because well, he is. He has turned me into a foodie. The other day while making a list of stuff to pick up at the store I got to thinking about all the things he's gotten me to try and like. And not like.

WARNING!!!! Do not read this blog on an empty stomach!!!

A- Artichokes, Asparagus, and Avocado... Love, love, LOVE them all!
B-Brussel Sprouts (otherwise known in our house as roasted crack), Blue Cheese, and Buddha Hand Fruit
C- Curry, Cilantro, Cous-Cous, and Capers...
D- Dijon & Dragonfruit (looks awesome- tastes like.... nothing actually).
E- Espazote (Mexican oregano)
F- Fennel (I love this, yet HATE black licorice) and Frittatas
G- Gouda (Cheese of my people), Gnocci, and Gyros
H- Hummus (Oh my gawd... On fries, on sammiches, on my fingers don't care!), Hollandaise Sauce, and Horseradish (we have a patch growing out back year round!!)
I- Indian Cuisine (What was a one time meal for novel research once upon a time has become a house staple)
J- Jicima- tried it. Don't like it.
K- Kale (smoothies, dried as chips, steamed with carrots, raw in salad... love it!), Kosher Salt (cause we have 25 kinds of fancy salts in the house), and Kheer (an Indian cuisine dessert that I will order no kidding, 10 of just to take home a ration out to last a week)
L- Lemon (seriously... cleaning to cooking to scenting the house with), Leeks, and Lidgonberry (A Swedish Cranberry)
M- Maple Syrup (the kind that comes from a tree) and Middle Eastern Cuisine
N- Naan (Indian flatbread that accompanies meals- Hubby even learned how to make it!) and Nutmeg
O- Oatmeal (Steel Cut- takes awhile to make, but damn is it worth it) and Orzo pasta
P- Parsnips (actually I taught myself to like these after putting them in our cider beef stew), Partridge meat (South Dakota Thanksgiving vacation), Pancetta, and Prosciutto (tried it, hate it- I think it tastes like road kill smells)
Q- Quinoa (Tasty cooked as a hot breakfast cereal), Quiche (I never liked these till Hubby came along)
R- Ricotta (Cheese), Rutabega, and Risotto (oh my gawd- he cooks it with chicken broth, mushrooms, and celery leaves!!)
S- Squash (Acorn, Hubbard, Butternut- plus he makes brown sugar pecan butter to go on them!), Salt (fancy kinds- black, red, pink, grey, smoked, lemon flavored, kosher...), Sushi
T- Tabouli (parsley salad), Tamarind, Tarragon (I learned how to make him homemade beef stroganoff just to use this- his favorite herb), Texas Cavier (boat loads of different beans mixed with chopped up peppers and onions shoveled into my face with tortilla chips), and Tomatillos (he fire roasts them on the grill and shreds them into a salsa
U- Ugly Fruit and Udon Noodles (cooked in our versions of stirfrys and homemade veggie egg drop soup
V- Vodka- actually mine, but I never drank it before Hubby!! And he taught me how to make vanilla extract with it.
W- Wasabi and Wild Rice
X- ????
Y- ????
Z- Zest (as in citrus), Ziti (as in pasta), Zuccini (cooked in bread)


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