Cameras, Editing, and Political Views

Wow... I haven't posted a blog since July 7th... sorry about that!!! I went into serious planning/stressing mode over the last few weeks of July in prep for SWMCCC. It was crazy!! Four days of early mornings, icky college cafeteria food, sunshine, photo taking, and late- LATE nights!! I had a solid 22 models this year that fluctuated up to at most I think 27 during our beach shoot. In other SWMCCC news- I have been made an instructor for next year (which is a whole new level of panic for yours truly) and also have taken on the task, along with my amazing bestie and co-model coordinator to create both an official Facebook Southwest Michigan Council of Camera Clubs page for SWMCCC  and overhauling the website. I am in the process of starting to edit my images from SWMCCC so look for a new posting with pics.

I have put myself on a shooting hold until I get caught up on photo editing honestly. Before I left for SWMCCC- I had two massive shoots still sitting in the editing line (now down to one), then I took over 2500 images at Summer Weekend (that I am currently sorting out), a sunrise shoot (already done editing), a boudoir shoot during Summer Weekend (also done editing), images from our monthly group shoot as a part of Beauty With Brains (Beauty with Brains Kalamazoo  and finally test shots from a future paid shoot still waiting for my editing attention. So, until those are done- I will not be shooting anything new (unless paid of course). Until then, I will be editing away and hopefully blogging more. I seriously need to make a better effort at blogging now that things have settled down a bit.

It dawns on my that I haven't gone off on any sort of ranting tangent as of late... So.... are you ready for it??? (Winds up the air-raid siren to gather the attention of all hapless onlookers as she climbs atop the soapbox, chugging a monster, burping glitter, and taking a deep breath)-

The assholes, idiots, and dumbasses attempting to run for president.
Hillary Clinton- is a fraudulent douche that doesn't deserve half of what she has, instead she deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of United States law for being a fucking dumbass that sent and shared classified "top secret" emails from her personal account. What a moron!!! Here we all thought Bill was the dumb one for banging an intern in the Oval Office... Seriously! Who does that? "Oh... LOL!! This is such a funny little factoid about Benghazi- I'll forward it to my maid- she'll laugh her ass off!!!" I say, for starters- the widows and children left parentless from the attacks in Benghazi that she neglected to pay attention to the warnings about get first crack at her with whatever shiny implement of pain their hands fit around.

Donald Trump. What a monosynaptic fucktard. He thinks he's god (of some variation of deity) and has now proceeded to try to convince all of us of that non-exsistent fact. He has a big mouth (not just cause he's a New Yorker) that needs to be filled with boiling cyanide and stitched shut with thread dipped in super glue. He hates Mexicans, African Americans, women, and fat people. Cool. That's exactly 85% of our nations population!! We hate loud mouth fuckers with no agenda higher then their own bullshit pompous ego spewing at the top of their lungs that don't have the common sense to either get a better toupee or shave his fucking head!!! Seriously- who in their right mind is going to vote for this idiototic blowhard asshole???

Bernie Sanders.... Um.... I might have been busy, but who???

Mike Huckabee- vote for him if as a woman or member of the LGBT community and you'd like to be banished, abused, or have your rights removed completely! My body is my body, asshole. My hubby, my family- even they can't tell me what to do with it, so why in the holy F*** would I let you make rules and laws pertaining to it?

Chris Christie... thus far the only one I would even consider voting for. I like his honesty. I like what he did for his community after Super Storm Sandy. I don't like the bridge thing he did.... But seriously, thus far candidate wise, he's got my vote. You know, since Snoopy isn't an actual viable option...


Ugh.... who knows.... I hate politics. Climbs down off soapbox, doodles a sign the says Ironman for President 2016.


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