Awe, SNAP! Girl's Got Her Mojo Back!!!

Let's just have this picture do the talking shall we?? It was a most excellent, crazy, creative as hell shoot last night that ended with playing in the street outside of the studio in a screaming thunderstorm!! I have a sore shoulder from moving furniture props, a slightly sprained ankle from running around in a pothole riddled street in a downpour, and didn't get home until 2:30 this morning. We had some seriously amazing fun last night!!!

So as promised in yesterday's post- here come some crazy pretty pictures and rainbows and GLITTER!!!

-Project Rainbow-
An idea that smacked right square in the head the day marriage equality was passed by the Supreme Court... See how many of my models want to show support- whether they be gay, straight, bisexual- what ever... And by showing support- I mean having me photograph them after doing body paint on them. Of course to make them Facebook friendly- I have to remove nipples... So I did. And the images are still amazing!!!


-Shootfest at the Homestead-
When a photo buddy has sold his small piece of sceneic green landscape to photograph on- you naturally be a good friend and offer him your place. So you invite him up for a tour. He asks you to make it worth his while (after all he is driving up 2 hours) and to have maybe a model to photograph when he gets here. So I got him three... Three of his favorite even!! I hadn't anticipated getting all these images edited today, but I did!! And I love them!!!

I did, however, learn an important lesson... Don't set your camera down and walk away from it if slightly drunk models are nearby...

I managed all the brave I have in my body, climbed the super tall ladder, and hung the new parachute prop in the open doorway of my pole barn... I think the results speak for themselves... Well, WELL used up brave I'd say...


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