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Awe, SNAP! Girl's Got Her Mojo Back!!!

Let's just have this picture do the talking shall we?? It was a most excellent, crazy, creative as hell shoot last night that ended with playing in the street outside of the studio in a screaming thunderstorm!! I have a sore shoulder from moving furniture props, a slightly sprained ankle from running around in a pothole riddled street in a downpour, and didn't get home until 2:30 this morning. We had some seriously amazing fun last night!!!
So as promised in yesterday's post- here come some crazy pretty pictures and rainbows and GLITTER!!!
-Project Rainbow- An idea that smacked right square in the head the day marriage equality was passed by the Supreme Court... See how many of my models want to show support- whether they be gay, straight, bisexual- what ever... And by showing support- I mean having me photograph them after doing body paint on them. Of course to make them Facebook friendly- I have to remove nipples... So I did. And the images are still amazing!!!


The Downfall of Human Emotions...

I have not died. I have been so busy, and honestly I am so tired of saying busy- because it doesn’t even sound like a real word anymore. SWMCCC is quickly approaching (the end of this month) and being the Model Coordinator and Portrait Program Coordinator means lists, emails, confirmations, adjusting this, contact the instructors that, where are my light sets coming from, why won’t so and so respond to any of my 27 emails??? This only being complicated by the unwillingness of paid day job not adhering to my strict 24 hours a week requirement (usually scheduling me 28, 33, 35 hour weeks). Honestly- I don’t know why I even put in the effort there that I do given the harsh reality that I get paid $8.88 an hour- I’ve worked there will be two years in August. The new hired college kids- Making over $9.00 an hour- solely because they are college kids!! Seriously? At most they have apartment rent and MAYBE car payments… I am an adult woman with a mortgage, and bills… Whatever, right? Not li…