Permanent Doodles, Macro Photos, & Tales of Funky Smells

In my last post- I was pissed off and going through the emotional beating of watching the tumbling fall of my mentor… I am way less pissed off this time around. Hell- I might even be considered zen!!!  Amazing what a couple days off and accomplishing things long written on my “goes to work with me notebook To-Do List”. Yesterday I typed up files that needed to get done for SWMCCC. Did a bit of house cleaning, did a bunch of photo editing, and dammit- I took a nap in the middle of my favorite fur puddle. Otherwise known as my two cats and my doggie-pup Sienna. It was a short nap (40 minutes or so) but I felt great afterwards.

Hubby came and picked me up and went to do our red-blooded American duty of voting. I voted against Prop 1 here in the Mitten State. Because, well- dammit they don’t exactly SAY where the new money would have gone to from a raised sales tax of 6% to 7%. The voting sheet alone had me more confused in one paragraph them an entire “chapter” from Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass”… Will the gas tax go up or be removed completely? Wait- they are going to raise the amount of money my poor ass has to pay for state registration?? We already pay the highest insurance rates of the 50 states, and I am damn sick of how much it costs to drive my vehicle every year as it is! I don’t want to pay more! Is the money actually going to pay to fix roads? Wait- why does it say funds will be allocated to the school relief fund… Da Fuq?? Is it considered cheating if I ask my Hubby in the next booth for help? Will I get yelled at??? Screw it… (scribbles the oval next to “no” full of black ink). 

Then we went and had dinner- that ended up with me in the bathroom and chewing tums like jelly beans. So we’re clean eaters now (almost as vegetarian as the piggies, with natural oils and whole butter used in our cooking, homemade bread with no preservatives)- and a simple dinner at Applebees, Grand Coney… anything but home… Doesn’t agree with our tummies… Like at all.
Hubby had some meeting to go to last night so I was left alone at home watching the second to the last episodes of the season of our three Tuesday night TV shows- NCIS, ,NCIS- NOLA, and Chicago Fire. So- the last one is really mine- as being a real life paramedic- Hubble’s about dies watching them massacre and perform “medicine” on TV. So as to not actually spoil anything I will sum them up in short order. NCIS- When Gibbs cries, I am a f***ing sobbing, snotty mess- and I was. NCIS: NOLA- Um…. Sure?? Chicago Fire- Lady Gaga’s fine as hell fiancĂ© laid the smack down on whiney super bitch fire truck driver!

Did I forget to mention this happened???

Anyhoo- about time I got my own doodle permanently attached to my flesh, isn’t it? Oh yeah- and I am planning another one. And another one… And another…..

Today I went and cleaned the studio downtown after running Hubby’s wallet to him way the hell North of town. If that isn’t love… J The studio cleaning?? Once I ripped open and placed the new air stink pretties and sprayed cleaner everywhere to cleanse the funk of what the hell is that smell from my nostrils- cleaning went well. However- who the hell sprays make-up that you have to razor blade off the damn mirrors in the dressing room? Much less what the F*** does that shit do to your face darlings?? Couple side notes- If I ever meet the photographer that uses baby oil on his/her models then has the model smear themselves across the wall of the white backdrop (where there is also a new stiletto heel puncture in the bow) I will beat that sonofabitch bloody with my bare hands!!! Another tip- keep your damn make-up smeared hands off the BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEPIN’ black wall!!! It’s impossible to scrub off you morons!!! Anyhoo- deep breath…

I finished editing a photo shoot that has been sitting en que for two weeks now. Also a bunch of nature pictures that I have taken on a few walks with Hubby and Sienna. I made advertising images for both my Inkblot Arts page and website. Updating the living snot out of the website, and shipped off finished photos to a pair of models. All in anticipation of having nothing but time to focus on the amazing images I will be taking tomorrow at Tulip Time with the Hubby!!! Eeekk!! It’ll be my first time back in Holland since SWMCCC last summer! That- AND I have new toys I am playing with on my monster camera. I went and bought myself extension rings for both Fisheye photography (still baffles me) and super Macro shots. Here’s proof of my playing with the Macros at my mom’s house this past Sunday.

Now that everyone is all updated… I am going to vacuum the house, open the windows and get some fresh air in here and maybe makes a little art!! Like a new tattoo idea??? Stay tuned for images from Tulip Time!!!

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