Macro Photography... Have You Looked at the Weeds in Your Yard?

And when I say... "Have you looked at the weeds in your yard??" that actually came from a landscaping dude last spring. I politely smiled and said- sir, if we didn't have weds, we wouldn't have a yard...

So this afternoon, while I was waiting for yet another load of dog bedding to finish washing to go on the line outside (mind you four full loads of regular laundry has been washed and dried already)- I snapped on the new macro rings on my camera again and went on a walk about in my yard, barefoot. Soft grass and happily dodging doggie landmines (we have our own version of Cambodia in the back yard), bending over with my tushie high in the air snapping pictures of the "weeds" in my yard. And a couple actually flowering bushes and flowers... So I ask you... Are they weeds? Or are they beautiful??


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