Tramadol... Flexerall... Sleepies... and Pain

Sunday I went to yet another fabulous photo shoot put on by the Beauty with Brains group. I took way too many pictures, had way too much fun, and cursed out loud more then once... But it was awesome!!! A turn of the century firehouse turned cultural arts center for the area youth was our location. And ya'll know me... I am a sucker for anything fire department related!!! There will be more pictures edited, but for now... this is what I have to show for it...

Upon waking up Monday morning- something was wrong. Like really, REALLY wrong. I could barely walk. Bending over wasn't an option, and peeing- yeah, no... From mid back down around my hips I was in agony. It didn't matter what I took, nothing helped. Heat packs, muscle rubs... NOTHING worked! But I forced a smile on my face and went to work. I made it through four hours of my shift before I caved and went home. My legs were shaky at best when it came to standing and by the time I got out to my car when I left work- I sat there and cried for 10 minutes I was in so much pain. That isn't like me. I can tolerate a lot of pain, but this was more. Way more.

Hubby made a doctors appointment for me at the Urgent Care center and off we went at 7:30. After a long exam and physical tests, the doc determined it was something amiss with my muscles. I was then poked in the ass with two different drugs- Tramadol for the pain and a muscle relaxer. Neither actually affected me persay.... Like I didn't go as goofy as the doc said I would and the pain dulled down to manageable. I was also given a prescription for Flexerall and told not to go to work. So, I didn't. I called off work the moment we left the doctors office and tomorrow will be my first day back.

The pain has gradually gotten lesser and the Flexerall helps, however makes me so sleepy I can barely hold my eyes open three hours after I take it. If I stay on it tomorrow at work, I will probably cut the tablets in half. Anyhoo- I have been taking it easy, but sitting for any length of time hurts, as does standing but I do feel a lot better. It's scary having your body do something like this and have no real understanding why... Maybe carrying a 45 pound camera bag for six hours up and down stairs for three stories did it. Maybe I don't remember stepping wrong. Maybe I slept funny... I have no idea what happened- I just know that I don't want to go thru this amount of un-warranted pain again.

But, I have been sitting too long and it is time for my next round of meds... so off I go until next time!!!

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