Long Time- No Blogger.....

I haven't vanished, I promise. The daily job has been beating my free time p pretty badly, And what little time I am not scheduled to work, I am still working- meaning camera attached to face and hands taking gorgeous snaps of beautiful women!!

And everyone knows it is easier and faster to take the pictures then it is to edit them, so guess where else the spare time goes??? That's right- drinking copious amounts of monster, tweaking and playing with photos while my tushie takes the shape of my computer chair. But it is all fun and very worth it in the end.


I have even done a a couple paid gigs to makes the money and give a lovely woman gorgeous pictures for her special guy!!

On top of all that, I have been working on more art, playing with new styles of doodles and water color painting. Maintaining the house duties, had SD Mom in town for a few days, and booking paid gigs for the future left and right. Sunday I have another one of those epic group shoots in K'zoo that I am beyond stoked to work with fresh faces and get out there with the artsy types- even maybe another shoot after the main shoot might be happening!!! Busy busy busy!!!

Stay tuned for more pictures coming your way of lovely ladies, epic locations, and my artwork!! Until then- keep up to date on all my happenings at:


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