Crap- I'm Sick....

In spite of my best efforts… I caught the crud. I took vitamins, I took emergen-C’s (they taste like ick), I started antibiotics when the first burning tickle filled my chest on Thursday night last week. I fought through the lingering tired and weakness to attend the Art hop show in Kalamazoo where yours truly had a piece hanging. I socialized and had a blast, even hitting the after party at the Metro (more on that later), then Hubby and I headed home in the wee morning hours. I woke up Saturday morning feeling horrid, but managed to shower, get dressed and drive to my parents to pick up Sienna from overnight doggie daycare. By the time I got home (the span of 20 minutes) I could hardly walk. I was congested, crying, and struggling to breathe. Hubby told me I wasn’t going to work, not at all. So I called in sick- something I don’t do unless I am actually in fear of dying. I have a hell of a work ethic and being as sick as I was Saturday- work wasn’t going to happen- especially given whom I was to work with and the insane amount of stress he creates. I would have either completely gone out of my mind and gotten fired or just simply ended up a useless pile of crying and snotty tissues mid shift.

After calling into work, Hubby cooked me a fried egg sammich (enough food to let antibiotics and vitamins rest on in my tummy) and created “Fort Sick” in the living room. He piled the couch with pillows, quilts, brought the space heater into the living room and cranked it up (as the fever chills had set in). He carried in my doodling stuff, my phone, and settled me in. I fell asleep- hard. As in I was out like a light by 10:30am and only woke up briefly once and a while when he said I needed to drink something, eat something. Around 5pm- I woke up and stayed up. I laid low the rest of the day and night, doodling and barely eating. Sunday- after a long slow start, I forced myself into real person clothes and went to work- with absolutely no voice and two boxes of tissue in hand. I made it through my shift, but was miserable by the time I got home at eight that night. Yesterday- Monday, I was tired of being tired. I got up and cleaned the house like a mad woman! I scrubbed, washed, wiped down everything- all rooms. Spraying ambulance disinfectant on everything- including the couch and bedroom. I opened the curtains, even took the plastic off one of the kitchen windows to get some fresh air in- of course I still can’t smell but that isn’t the point.

I still have no voice today. Even if I force myself into having one- I sound like a cross between Mr. Ed and a three pack a day smoking habit lounge singer- all husky and gruff. I sound like a dude. Not cool. Hopefully with this last day of rest under my belt- tomorrow when I go to work I will at least sound better. I take my last antibiotics today, but will still keep hitting the vitamins. Since I am tired of the snot factory in my sinuses- I have been flushing them twice a day. Not pleasant. Shooting warm saline water with an 1/8th teaspoon of mucus dissolving (oh-my-god-Satan-just-peed-up-my-nose) liquid isn’t fun, but has at least slowed me down to half a box of tissues a day. I still have the deep chest cough that is producing oodles of… well- yuck. I will leave it at that. I got all the house cleaned and laundry done yesterday so today is laying low, taking it easy, and resting. And by resting I mean doodling, painting, writing a blog…

Back to Friday night. Hubby and I went down to Kalamazoo that afternoon. We met up with and visited the spectacular Kirin for the first time in close to probably two years! She even graced my camera lens for a quickie photo shoot in her dining room (part of my to do list today, photo editing).

We went to dinner at my beloved Indian restaurant Saffrons, where we spent too much money but enjoyed every delicious morsel of food. Hell I still have one last order of Kheer in my fridge, which I will probably eat now since I remembered it’s in there. Kheer… oh delicious Kheer….. Basmati rice cooked in coconut milk, sugar, sprinkled with cashews, golden raisins, pistachio powder. If heaven had a taste… Kheer would be it. But I digress…. Mmmmm…. Kheer….. Sorry.


After dinner we wandered our way around downtown Kalamazoo until we finally found the Park Trades Building. The minute you hit the door, you are surround by any and all forms of creativity. Ceramics, beadwork, weaving, paintings, photography, dance studios, glass blowing… It was just such an amazingly creative place to be!!! Each nook, cranny, room, and floor was nothing but wall to wall art! I could probably live there! After settling into the second floor gallery and being almost overtaken with emotion by seeing my work on the wall (mind you it is a big deal, my first gallery show. I was also coming down with the crud, so that basically renders my emotional system to that of a hormonal two year old- a mouse farting could have made me cry). Hubby got me a cup of wine (adorable little handmade ceramic cups made there at the center filled with wine. Maybe the amount of half a wine glass). I hung out with my people while Hubby wandered around the building, coming back to check on me now and then. When the opening was winding down, a few of the Beauty With Brain’s gang talked me into coming to the after party- The Metro Club, where they were having the monthly shoot on Sunday but I had to miss it for work and sickness.

We drove two blocks worth of one-way streets to the club and promised we’d only stay an hour. That was a lie. I had my second drink there, another glass of wine. Then three glasses of ice water- so no hangover was involved in my calling in sick Saturday- just the pure essence of the crudbug inhabiting my body. My god what fun! The Metro is the LGBT club in Kalamazoo. It was happy and friendly and just as hippy as it will sound- full of the love!! Well- right up until some random very drunk woman bitch slapped my left breast with the force of a soccer player kicking a field goal! That was awkward! And painful! But worthy of twenty minutes of laughing from the girls I was hanging with at the time. Hubby and I stayed too late, like midnight late given we were an hour’s drive from home. 

But hanging out with all my photography artsy types, and the amazing amount of beautiful models friends was incredible. We dropped off Kirin, made sure she was okay (she’d had a few to drink) and headed north towards home. Once the adrenaline of the evening wore off, the crud settled in by the time we got home around quarter to 2am. Then I’ve already told you the rest of the weekend.
While hunkered down in “Fort Sick” Saturday, I was cruising Pinterest and found a doodle technique I wanted to try, with my own twist of course. I’ve kind of run away with it I’d think. Plus it’s a great technique to draw over all the sheets of watercolor experiments I have amassed.


In the photography aspect, other than the quickie shoot with Kirin… I had a quickie shoot with Adella in the studio a couple weeks back that I have just gotten the images done editing yesterday.

There was also a great shoot with Anthony Nyte, from the Kalamazoo area that I met at the most recent BwB group shoot in Grand Rapids in February. He wanted to shoot some stuff for submission to a modeling magazine, Sheeba. We’ve submitted the images and are just waiting to see what comes of it at this point J Magazine submissions…. 

Also- in other photography news… there’s this.

I have a lot of great shoots set up in the coming month or so, plus there is all the work I am putting into making this year’s SWMCCC Summer Weekend the best ever, at least the model portion.

I have also been playing around with both photography in my own home and with my phone… Sometimes boredom and having a camera come up with some pretty good pictures…

But, alas. I have to get cracking on more SWMCCC work and working on artwork. Maybe even updating my website a little. Who know what the rest of this dreary foggy day will bring!!


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