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Crap- I'm Sick....

In spite of my best efforts… I caught the crud. I took vitamins, I took emergen-C’s (they taste like ick), I started antibiotics when the first burning tickle filled my chest on Thursday night last week. I fought through the lingering tired and weakness to attend the Art hop show in Kalamazoo where yours truly had a piece hanging. I socialized and had a blast, even hitting the after party at the Metro (more on that later), then Hubby and I headed home in the wee morning hours. I woke up Saturday morning feeling horrid, but managed to shower, get dressed and drive to my parents to pick up Sienna from overnight doggie daycare. By the time I got home (the span of 20 minutes) I could hardly walk. I was congested, crying, and struggling to breathe. Hubby told me I wasn’t going to work, not at all. So I called in sick- something I don’t do unless I am actually in fear of dying. I have a hell of a work ethic and being as sick as I was Saturday- work wasn’t going to happen- especially given …

Be Prepared to Answer Uncomfy Questions... NSFW!!!

If you get busted looking at this entry at work or the library or at the coffee shop!!!
These are two versions of the print I have in a gallery show at the Exquisite Corpse Gallery in Kalamazoo, MI. The show opens Friday Night 5pm!!!
This is Rachel... She is the closest thing to photographing a real life unicorn crossed with My Little Pony, sprinkled with curse words and a killer fun attitude...

Any lady that can throw on a $2 Batman bathing suit, a lace mask, and fashion a cape out of scrap fabric... AND TOTALLY ROCK IT is just fine by me!!!

Catch the unicorn and My Little Pony reference now? She is gorgeous!!!

Lucy and Dan are an amazing couple that are stupid cute to watch together. They do alternative shows together... Think  a little bit of goth and a little bit of punk mixed with techno and German death metal music and boom- you have one of their shows. We will be working together a lot in the future to create a vast series of Shibar…