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Almost 100 photographers & 2 Dozen Models... What Could Go Wrong?

I realize it has been probably just this side of forever since I posted a blog. And for this I apologize. I have been shooting photography like a madwoman the past couple weeks. According to my lack of properly giving myself enough time to edit each shoot- I have been stacking them one right on top of another.  I know, I know… most photographers take weeks if not a couple months to do edits… I, however, feel super guilty if I don’t have everything edited and to the model/client within two weeks. It has taken a few bursts of not leaving my computer more than long enough to piddle and take in nutrients but I have almost completely caught up. I have one last shoot to finished editing (like I think 130 or so pictures left).
One of my super awesome shoots of recent has been my second group shoot with the Beauty With Brains group based out of Kalamazoo and now Grand Rapids too! They are an absolutely awesome, open-minded bunch of crazy artist types. …