Wild Windy Winter in the Mitten!!!

I am seated here in my living room- surrounded by plants, sunshine, working on my laptop at my newly resurfaced table, drinking my new addiction in attempts at staying hydrated and less crackly skinned.

Why does it have to be a love hate relationship with winter? Why can’t we agree to have a less stronger like- dislike relationship with winter? Granted opinions vary, of course. Some may actually HATE winter. Some may (for the love of goddess why, I’m not sure) LOVE winter. I’d like to think I have a more like-dislike relationship with the dreaded frozen season. There is one thing I do hate- I HATE how absolutely stupid people get when it comes to driving in snow. I am confident in my driving skills, my distance kept, my ability to not sit there and spin in the slush at an intersection… I seemingly hate everyone else behind their respective wheels this time of year. Seriously… this happens every year, people!! It’s Michigan!! Learn how to drive it in and don’t be stupid!!!
On a completely unrelated line of thinking… Another thing I hate? I hate that my cat Morganna decided this morning that a full basket of freshly washed and dried bedding and clothing was her personal pee-pan aching to be christened at the foot of my bed this morning!! I seriously considered skinning her alive for the span of fifteen minutes as I sorted clean and safe from pee-piddle spotted need to wash again. So now that laundry is once again washing… 

Back to the main topic- Winter. I will it break down in a variation of pros/cons.

Winter things I Dislike:
That without an hourly dose of super intense hand cream my fingers and palms turn into so morbid looking hybrid of T-Rex and 120 year old man skin.
Dragging the garbage bin to the end of the driveway with winds howling about my head, reminding me that I didn’t grab the warmest of coats.
Snow in the shoes/boots.
Stepping in a half melted puddle of snow in the middle of the kitchen with barefeet.
Feeling like I am dissecting an onion every night before bed… two pairs of socks, long johns, under-grunders, jeans (lined or not lined), thermal/silk under shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweater (or sweat shirt, or long sleeve tee shirt). Add to that list- outside attire: Heavy coat, scarf, hat, thin liner gloves, heavier mittens (or gloves).
Trying to stay hydrated seems even harder.
Taking my cayenne pepper pills and extra fish oil pills to keep my poor circulation just a little less poor. Try burping that combination should you layer it wrong- dead goddess YUCK!!! Kinda makes me wish for death… or a large can of Tic Tacs.
Shoveling the sidewalk, driveway, around the vehicle in the driveway.
Scraping the windows and wasting gas warming up the truck before going anywhere.
Getting blasted in the face with snow while scraping the windows.
Leather seats with no seat warmer… enough said.
Plastic wrapping the windows. Especially when a portion of dinner gets too hot and fills the kitchen with stinky smoke, not being able to open a window and flush it out.
Hat hair.
Salt rings on otherwise perfectly clean enough for one more wear before laundry jeans.
The stress of dealing with asshole drivers on public roads.
Frozen closed truck windows preventing the adjustment of my side mirror from the warmth of my truck.

Winter Things I Like:
Sunshine making the snow sparkle like diamonds.
The like dusting the bare limbs trees get of snow that sticks… turning everything into a black and white photograph.
Watching the snowplows go by with the HUGE blade on… feeling the rumble in the ground and that massive white wave of snow that of course levels everything in its wake- mailboxes, trash bins, small children…
That a cup of hot coffee or tea warms you from within.
That running the humidifier makes the house feel warmer.
The pleasant scent of the pellet stove running in the basement, the occasional poof of wood smoke is comforting.
Photographing frost patterns on the windows.
Snow photo shoots with models.
Layering of clothes: toasty socks times two; snuggly sweat pants or lined jeans; two or three shirts.
Adding a scarf hat and gloves for an added fashion flair (of which I have none, so I go with colors that match honestly).
Warming up a shower towel in the dryer while I shower.
Cuddling on the couch under a homemade quilt with a cup of tea and Sienna snuggles.
Busting out the really nice, thick, fluffy comforters for the bed.
The glimmer of candle light against frosty windows.
Christmas lights left on after the holiday dancing in the winter winds and glowing from underneath fresh fallen snow.
Using shoveling outside as a method of pre yoga cardio.
Watching Sienna playing in the snow in her adorable coat.
Snowflakes collecting on doggie-pup eyelashes.
How cute my hair looks peeking out from underneath one of my many winter hats.
How bright the sunshine is bouncing off fresh snow.
Walks in the park with Sienna and Hubby taking pictures.
Blue skies, snow fall, and bar limbed trees.

The crisp bite in the air.

So… there’s my list. I am sure I missed some, repeated others, but you get my point. 

In other news… I have made my list of New Years Goals….
1. Doodle each day to keep the stress away…
2. Never leave the art journal w/ only finished doodles at the end of the day.
3. Yoga every damn day!! 10 minutes- 2 hours- EVERY DAMN DAY!!
4. More e-cig use, less real cig use.
6. Improve website & Inkblot Arts on Etsy/Facebook each month!
7. Sell more Art!! Photos, prints, sculptures…
8. If there is an opportunity to show my artwork- I will try my hardest to take it.
9. Love on the furbabies every. Single. Day.
10. Donate blood at least once.
The last one is because I think facing my fear of needles would be accomplished by doing a blood donation. That and it would help someone given I have that magical blood type of 0+. Do good- conquer a fear… All good right? Everyone needs one of those on their list right??

I hinted at in my last post that I did a spur of the moment bedroom shoot here in Casa de Premer… Here’s the safe or work images I could post from that shoot… The lovely, the stunning, Valkryie Wolfe!!

Then I get bored… When I get bored, I break out monster camera and take pictures in my house…

And sometimes- I take pictures outside my house too!! Freezing my ass off, shivering so hard I couldn’t hardly work the manual shutter release, trying to photograph Northern Lights that never showed up… I still got some really outstanding images!!

And… it is no secret that my artist-ways have been expressing themselves in paintings lately…

But it is also creeping out and experimenting in what I am calling my art journal. Less on the journal aspect- more on the ooh… can I try this? Damn! That looks awesome!! Sometimes- these doodles have turned into paintings. Some certainly will turn into print that I will start selling on both Inkblot Arts on Facebook and my Inkblot Arts Etsy Shop.

And… I will be breaking into the homemade sculpture selling. That’s the only teaser that you get… Phase one trial is curing in the basement next to the pellet stove J Thus far… I am impressed on how they turned out.

So... Now that everyone is updated and hopefully still smiling a bit at the giggly bits in this post... I shall go put away re-washed, un-cat piddled laundry... Fix a pair of Hubby's boots... Work on my little sculptures downstairs... and work in my current Art Journal. Maybe even prep the new one so it's ready to go when the one I am working in offers not more empty pages...

Later!!! Enjoy the weather- or at least try to enjoy it??

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