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I am not going to lie… there was to be a great blog on Wednesday featuring my complaints and perspectives on the “Golden Generation” and how extremely rude they are. Making all of us wonder why, exactly, should we respect them. However- due to me being an airhead- that blog went POOF! Buh-bye in to the greater atmosphere when I hit the wrong combination of buttons without saving what I had written. I may resurrect it and post it sometime next week, as I do enjoy writing blogs in which I vent, but today’s post is about my art. Both physical and photography.
First- my hands. I found the idea on Pinterest and naturally had to try it. Who doesn’t do that at least once and a while? Even though Pinterest is just a digital form of hoarding…. Come on.. its fun!! 

Anyhoo- Hubby helped me out with the first two trial runs of the cement hands. I guess they are actually castings considering your pour the cement mix into in my case- nitrile gloves, due to latex allergy, form them over mounds of damp sand and then wait for them to cure… Wait… My god what a difficulty considering I have no patience- god did not bless me with that. We actually cut slits in the back of the gloves to allow for air circulation and faster curing. But alas- we still lost one hand on the second batch- too wet of a mix. And every other hand in the second batch (six survivors total) all lost at least a finger or two. Nothing Gorilla glue didn’t fix!!! Wahoo!!! I have been having fun coming up with ideas and paint mixes and such for them. I have three still in mid process- one raw, one painfully pink one, and one pale yellow. I think I know what I am going to do on the yellow one, but I have no idea save for maybe re-painting the painfully pink one over and starting anew. It’s pink. Like really pink. Like Barbie would look at it and say- “Oh hheeeelllll noooo!”

These are the finished ones, photographed in my living room in my newly created kinda crappy, kinda not crappy light box. Or showcase box… or well, whatever.

My doodle book has taken away from my paintings as of late. But I would like to think with each doodle in there, there is a possible idea for a painting. In fact, I should probably really go through it and mark the pages that would be great paintings, shouldn’t I? I have started two paintings as of the other day. Both will be a lot a like, but both will be different from each other. They will be great- if only I stopped getting distracted from working on them J

Here’s just a taste of the doodles from the past week.

Distracted? You ask? But of course. I have found myself getting super distracted  by teaching myself how to paint with watercolors. My mother is a phenomenal watercolor artist- me?? Not so much! I was given an amazing high end value collection of everything one needs to do watercolor paintings on this past Sunday, and every evening since then- I have been experimenting with them. Figuring them out. Looking up techinques online and making myself learn a brand new, yet not so new to me, method of painting. For the moment- I have made some extremely cool “cards” that a few will probably be glued into my art journal to play with, while other’s will be serving as awesome backgrounds for my doodles.

Speaking of the watercolors… My mom should be on here way here after a day at work, so I should probably clean my art nook up a bit and set out the things I want to learn about. She’s going to give me a mini private lesson this afternoon. AWESOME!!!

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