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Snow and Fire Version 1 for 2015

This is hopefully just the first of Fire Spinning that will happen this winter.  It was wicked cold with a brutal wind (in spite of how it looks in a picture on here, Hubby is wearing shorts- but over a pair of long johns). I have a pair of models that I will be shooting next week that really want to try this and have it in their photos, so hopefully the weather cooperates and we can have some great models with some epic fire spinning!! It's going to be a wicked fun shoot anyhow, but ya know... :)

A Show of Hands...

I am not going to lie… there was to be a great blog on Wednesday featuring my complaints and perspectives on the “Golden Generation” and how extremely rude they are. Making all of us wonder why, exactly, should we respect them. However- due to me being an airhead- that blog went POOF! Buh-bye in to the greater atmosphere when I hit the wrong combination of buttons without saving what I had written. I may resurrect it and post it sometime next week, as I do enjoy writing blogs in which I vent, but today’s post is about my art. Both physical and photography. First- my hands. I found the idea on Pinterest and naturally had to try it. Who doesn’t do that at least once and a while? Even though Pinterest is just a digital form of hoarding…. Come on.. its fun!! 
Anyhoo- Hubby helped me out with the first two trial runs of the cement hands. I guess they are actually castings considering your pour the cement mix into in my case- nitrile gloves, due to latex allergy, form them over mounds of d…

ADHD and Me… A self diagnosis.

Have I been clinically diagnosed with ADHD? Nope? Am I? You be the judge- here’s an account of my morning today…
Feed the cats… feed the dog… hmmm the garbage stinks, lets take out the garbage… while we havbe our boots on- lets go get wood pellets out of the truck. Damn the bird feeder is empty- fill the bird feeder, bring wood pellets to the basement. The floor should be swept down here- sweep the floor. We do have pig bedding! Bring pig bedding to the living room… if I am going to  clean the pig beds, lets wash their bowls. Bring bowls to the kitchen, start the sink filling… wow- these are some cool frost patterns on the windows, go get camera and take pictures. I bet there are cool ones on the bedroom windows! Damn- dirty plastic, get glass cleaner. Shit! Why is the dogs bowl filled and sitting on the counter next to the filled cat food dishes? Put down filled food bowls for the begging fur-babies. Dammit! The sink is over flowing, turn off the faucet in the kitchen sink… Wash win…

Wild Windy Winter in the Mitten!!!

I am seated here in my living room- surrounded by plants, sunshine, working on my laptop at my newly resurfaced table, drinking my new addiction in attempts at staying hydrated and less crackly skinned.
Why does it have to be a love hate relationship with winter? Why can’t we agree to have a less stronger like- dislike relationship with winter? Granted opinions vary, of course. Some may actually HATE winter. Some may (for the love of goddess why, I’m not sure) LOVE winter. I’d like to think I have a more like-dislike relationship with the dreaded frozen season. There is one thing I do hate- I HATE how absolutely stupid people get when it comes to driving in snow. I am confident in my driving skills, my distance kept, my ability to not sit there and spin in the slush at an intersection… I seemingly hate everyone else behind their respective wheels this time of year. Seriously… this happens every year, people!! It’s Michigan!! Learn how to drive it in and don’t be stupid!!! On a comple…