Back in the Saddle...

 Right around the Christmas holiday… I had a bit of a downward spiral. My computer caught a virus or a crooked Microsoft Update- whatever is was- it killed my poor baby. She spent a couple days at my computer guru’s place getting torn down, cleaned out, and started fresh anew again. So- then I had to update, download, rearrange, copy from my external hard drive (that I am now call KITT after the Knightrider car ornament I have sitting on top of it. That’s talks- it’s epic) and re-establish everything that once was on my computer once again. There have been hiccups- like iTunes is a bitch. Turns out the amount of music on my computer (that I copied in a fit of panic when the computer started going south on me- was only half on my entire library. The rest is in the  “iTunes cloud” So whenever I have a spare 34 GB of download time I will retrieve all my music once again. Bull shit. Until then I still have it all on my iPod. On top of the computer woes- I was a bit moody (to say the least) and a bit panicked (bills, bills…. Shit!) But I am over that now! Christmas went very well, the mess is cleaned up, and the bills for the month are paid (as are some of next month’s bills paid already). Christmas- to me- brings stress and the no so great panic over money- of which there really shouldn’t be any. However- that bitchy little troll that lives in my head- (the one I am sure is the cause of all my migraines lately) was trying to convince me otherwise. Then there was my day job. In retail. In and around and on Christmas Eve… I’ll just leave it at that- with a huge frowny face emoticon L

But- here we are. On the other side of eggnog and family gatherings- still in one piece with the fractures duct taped close for now. We made it. We in retail have survived the bitchy, mad at us because they are shopping on Christmas Eve jerks and the mountains of returns have been put away (seriously, I am talking absolute mountains of returns). For me- January in the retail world means massive hours cut. It happened. While I’m not so happy at the loss of income due to fewer shifts… I will be using my newly found time off as the catalyst to artsy fartsy endeavors. Like getting prints on my artwork ready to sell on my Etsy store and my Facebook site. Creating sculptures to paint and sell on Etsy and my Facebook site (much easier to mass produce and ship then my leaves)- they will be cool… Just you all wait and see!! And of course- my photography. I did a spur of the moment shoot yesterday (I am occasionally taking breaks from editing those to work on this here blog post and to go stir the cooking dog chicken (for Sienna’s meals) in the kitchen.

It feels good to be back in the photographer saddle again. The holidays seems a rough time for photography- and I can understand that. So I will be more diligent on my Facebook site to pump out the deals and ideas to lure people in for photography. Thus filling in some of my newly found time off from retail. I did a shoot yesterday, spur of the moment, in my bedroom with my model/bestie/creative co-hort/public relations director and I have one for the studio booked on the 17th. Which- by the way- is going to be absolutely f***en EPIC!!! And I have more time to doodle. To create works of art in my art journal. To release stress and just let my creative brain fire up and stirs about.

As many of you may know- I do not believe in New Years Resolutions… I call them goals. That way when I am sitting here next year on the same date (give or take), I don’t feel so badly about breaking them (if I did). That list is something I have planned to work on in the coming days. I loves my lists!!

So… Until then- then being the New Year… I shall bid you all goodbye. I have doodles to do, e-mails to send, photos to edit, and lists to write… Cue the music with theatrical exit... (Bruno Mars- "Uptown Funk"...


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