This is Your Moment of Nature...

At the Lower Tahq Falls- you can rent a row boat for $7.00 and paddle around the basin at the bottom of the falls. With the rental of said row boat- you also get the opportunity to wander about the island in the middle of the lower basin- getting absolutely stunning views of all five Lower Falls. Absolutely THE BEST $14 dollars spent on the trip!!

Too close? Perhaps. Never mind the fact that Hubby had a firm grasp of my backside belt loops as I leaned WAY over to get some of these shots...The black tape on my legs is from the toll of massive amounts of hiking at the Upper Falls that morning. Somewhere along the way- we realized at 8pm that night- I had lost my wedding band. We must have hiked at least fifteen miles that day between the Upper and Lower Falls and the Lower Falls Island. Did I mention- this was September 8th- the day of our 7 year anniversary... Bad timing to lose one's wedding band.

To stand at the edge of this set of falls is like standing in a roaring thunderstorm with un-ending thunder. The ground shoot, the spray smelled wonderful... Just amazing!!

Nature has the power to grow around and over a boulder. Lightning has the power to forever scar a living tree...

"Did you just take a selfie with your monster camera? In a rowboat?" Hubby asked.
My response? Another dork face selfie... Pssst... You can tell by the amount of freckles how long we'd been in the sun.

Pictured Rocks was the Western goal for our adventures up north before turning south and heading towards the Garden Pennisula. (Given the monsoon weather- no pictures were taken on that leg of the journey). My grandparents went to Pictured Rocks when I was a kid and Gram loved it so much- out of all their trips to Alaska- I had to go there and see why it was so special to her. I wasn't dissapointed in the slightest.

While at Pictured Rocks- we stopped for a picnic lunch after learning our plans for a boat tour of the lake shore to get more pictures wasn't going to happen. Something about gale/storm warnings posted for Lake Superior and possible 25 foot seas, made the boats shut down :(

During our picnic- we had a visitor. That really liked Sun Chips and was ridiculously huge!!!

After lunch- we ventured down a gravel road to Miner's Beach. After about a mile hike in wicked soft sand we reached the end and were met with amazing views of the rocks.

That is Hubby's shoe- a size ten. Look at the size of that birds feet!!!! Would have been awesome to catch a glimpse of him...

Butt in the air, ankle deep in sand... taking pictures of rocks:) That's what I do on vacation.

Near Miner's beach and Pictured rocks, after a long nature hike- where we both realized exactly how tired our legs were- we found Miner's Falls.

On our way to Munising- with the heavy weather forecasted- we opted to find a motel for the night. After searching for half an hour- we stumbled upon Scotty's Motor Inn. If you have ever seen an episode of "Super Natural" you'd totally understand what kind of digs we had. I haven't dumped those pictures from my phone yet- but I will for the next blog. Upon showering, cleaning up, unpacking and re-packing- we decided to hit a could local waterfalls before getting dinner.


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