Creative Outburst... Artprize..., And the Upper Falls...

I am an artsy fartsy, creative machine today!! Well- correction- have been for the last four days. I have been painting and drawing, and painting, and photographing, and computer doctoring and editing my ass off for the last few days. Add to that I have been working on the house getting it sealed up and toasty warm for the coming winter doldrums.

To shut off the creative portion of my brain is like trying to stop an oncoming train at this point. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about a painting I must start, or photos I must take, or images to manipulate into something fucking epic… I just cannot stop!! I cruise Pinterest and apologize to my husband about what I shall be doing the next day…

It isn’t exactly a bad thing- to be as out of control creative as I have been… But I cannot help but wonder what is going to happen when it stops? Is there going to be some sort of creative lacking hangover that leaves me incontinent and lazy?? My hours at work have been massively cut (I am hopeful they will pick up soon) thus leaving me with oodles of time on my idle hands- which given the current burst of creative juice have been less idle than ever before.

Like today for instance… I have already experimented with a new painting technique, polished my work boots, done a load of laundry, oh- and edited Artprize pictures (less art, more city), finished the trip camera phone pics and Upper Tahquamenon Falls, finished Autumn color pictures (complete with a few I played with)… Leaving me only 300 trip pictures to edit remaining and the images from a shoot I did with two fabulous models and one seriously awesome photographer. Yesterday I finished two paintings, started two more, sketched out ideas, edited 300 pictures taken at MY modeling shoot, edited 200 hundred images from a previous Creep Show shoot (burned them to CD and mailed it from the post office), ran errands… Just… WOW!! I am almost completely caught up with photo editing!! It feels great!!

So, now- as soon as this blog is posted and filled with pretty pictures… I will be off on more artistic endeavors. Thursday is the opening of the art show my painting is in (crossing fingers it does well)- and that is terrifying to me. Like I just tossed my baby out the car window and hoped it does well out there in the big bad world all by itself… Odd, I know. Especially since I promised myself I wouldn’t fall in love with the damn thing- and I did. Maybe that’s it. Maybe getting my work out there in the world is the kick in the creative sacral center I needed.

Autumnal (my best friend and part time roomate) is constantly telling me I need to start selling my work. And as soon as I get the leg work out of the way (like how to ship a 24” by 24” canvas painting or larger) I will be getting my stuff on ETSY.COM in my Inkblot Arts store. (Go there, favorite some stuff, makes me feel the love… Please?) It would be awesome to sell some of my stuff, but it would also make me feel weird I think… I dunno- brain is too busy processing new art to create and less on emotions. Tomorrow is my first shift at work since last Thursday- so here’s hoping that goes well… (probably won’t, I work with Butthead the great for at least 4 hours. But my favorite stockers are on with me too and my most awesome blonde bestie in the backroom, so odds on it at least being tolerable).

I wasn't struck down by "OH MY GAWD!!!" like hardly at all when it came to the art this year. I took pictures of the ones I liked or the ones that could inspire me in my artistic ways- but I was more struck by how my photography of Grand Rapids turned out!!!

More from the Upper Pennisula Adventure
So this is how our sweet ass rental car looked once we got it packed (which was way less time then we thought it would take).

A photographer on vacation- barefoot, road map, and camera ready.

STOP THE CAR!!! It's a boat!!!!

Sunset on Drummond on our last night there. Yes- I have pick hair. And I miss it badly!!!

With bad weather looming- we decided to stay in a place with a real bed. Straight out of an episode of Supernatural- we texted our bestie Autumnal- "Sam and Dean say hello from Munising!!" God, I love roadside motel inns now!!

I havent eaten at a Hardee's since I lived in NC... And I missed it. Like we ate there four meals between Munising and Manistique...

Holy crap!!! Monsoon!!!

Before the food poisoning set in at our stay in Manistique...

And I am a dick.... I took this the wrong way... And giggled. A lot.

Upper Falls at Taqh were absolutely amazing!! And I want to go back... As soon as possible!!!

 Sometimes you have to jump the rail and touch things...

Vertigo much???

So- stay tuned… Now that I have all sorts of photos to put up here, I will be. Come back often, subscribe to this here blog to keep tabs on my creativeness. Or maybe like my Inkblot Arts page on FB… That would be awesome too!!!


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